EXCLUSIVE: Sonja Morgan Reveals if Daughter Will Ever Appear on RHONY, Shares Why She’s Selling Her Townhouse and Offers an Update on Her Lifestyle Brand

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EXCLUSIVE: Sonja Morgan Reveals if Daughter Quincy Will Ever Appear on RHONY, Shares Why She's Selling Her Townhouse and Offers an Update on Her Lifestyle Brand

Will Sonja Morgan ever be joined by her daughter on The Real Housewives of New York City?

During an interview with Reality Blurb, Sonja opened up about why her daughter hasn’t taken on a role in the series thus far before revealing when she could potentially join, dishing on her Upper East Side townhouse, and offering an update on her growing international lifestyle brand.

“Over the years, we’ve thought about [her appearing on RHONY] so much because Bravo has been so important to me and my independence and being able to take care of my daughter since my divorce,” Sonja admitted. “I’m so grateful for that but the fact is, she’s been a straight-A student since kindergarten and she’s now in an ivy league college and what’s important is that she is a scholar.”

Because Sonja’s ex-husband, John Adams Morgan, is part of the famed Morgan family, who founded J.P. Morgan and Morgan Stanley, she’s chosen to honor their legacy by keeping the daughter they share off-camera.

“I married into a very important American family and I honor the responsibility of raising my daughter into the legacy she was born into. So, to bring that on camera is kind of not a fit,” she explained.

Still, Sonja went on to tell us that her daughter could appear on RHONY once she gets a bit older and has better established herself as an individual.

Sonja Morgan and Daughter Quincy Adams Morgan

RHONY star Sonja Morgan pictured with her daughter in 2016

“I think when she gets a little older and she graduates and has her own brand identification, she can exploit it,” Sonja suggested.

While Sonja has been attached to her Big Apple townhouse, which is currently on the market for $10.75 million, in the past, she no longer misses living there and explains why she’s looking forward to getting rid of the property.

“I like the freedom from being out from under the day-to-day maintenance. As much as I love my home and taking care of it, it’s my daughter’s birthplace, I need to do me,” Sonja explained. “It’s my time and [I’d] like to be a little lighter. I want to enjoy myself now.”

As she prepares to unload the home, Sonja is focusing on her fashion, including her signature collection, Sonja Morgan New York, and her luxury for less collection, Sonja by Sonja Morgan, which she showcased during New York Fashion Week 2019.

“My RHONY followers were like, ‘I love signature but it’s $250 to $2,000 and I can’t really afford that.’ So now I have my under $200 collection and I have my perfume, unisex, because guys wanted something. And we even came out with some cute little T-shirts for the guys,” Sonja continued.

Sonja also has a shoe collection with French Sole.

“I got a lot of flack for having a lot of balls in the air at once and a lot of cookie jars but when things were down for me, I had to line up my ducks and be ready,” Sonja explained of her many endeavors. “When I was going through financial stress, divorce, and that lawsuit, I had to be ready. People laughed when I said ‘International Lifestyle Brand,’ but that’s what I have.”

In addition to selling her many products on her website, Sonja by Sonja Morgan is currently available at Century 21‘s Cortlandt Street and Herald Square locations and will soon be found in 15 of their stores.

“I was happy to crawl before I walk. I’m definitely not running but I appreciate the viewers believing in me and being by my side all of these years,” Sonja concluded.

The Real Housewives of New York City season 12 airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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