Denise Richards Calls Out the RHOBH Cast for Starting Rumors About Her, Reveals if She’ll Attend the Reunion as She Begins to ‘Relive the Nightmare’ of New Season

by Lindsay Cronin

Denise Richards Calls Out the RHOBH Cast for Starting Rumors About Her, Reveals if She'll Attend the Reunion as She Begins to "Relive the Nightmare" of New Season

Denise Richards is opening up about her future plans for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as she also calls out her co-stars.

After a number of rumors earlier this year suggested Denise quit her role on the show after facing allegations of an affair with co-star Brandi Glanville, Denise revealed whether or not she’ll attend the upcoming reunion and discussed her thoughts on returning for season 11 as a source claimed she was the “target” of season 10.

“The only people who’ve said that I’m not going to the reunion are some of the ladies on the show and they never asked me if I was going or not,” Denise explained to Hollywood Life on April 17. “I’m planning on going if we still have [it].”

According to Denise, she never said that she wasn’t going to attend the reunion. Instead, her co-stars pushed the rumor in the press before the new season premiered.

“I personally would’ve loved for everything to be played out on the show. We were filming for quite a few months together and why reveal storylines that have been in the media even before it aired?” she asked. “For months, different things have been put out there. But for them to even make that assumption…They’re the only ones saying that I’m not going to be [at the reunion].”

As for Denise’s potential return for RHOBH season 11, she said she hasn’t yet been asked to return but confirmed that she has not quit the series.

“I never said I quit the show. And Bravo knows that!” she shared.

According to a second report, Denise, who married husband Aaron Phypers during RHOBH season nine, is struggling to cope with the way in which season 10 will play out now that the new episodes have begun airing.

“Denise has to relive the nightmare and stress caused by all of the drama from RHOBH,” a source told Us Weekly after the premiere. “She doesn’t understand why the cast was just out to get her from the beginning of filming. A lot went down behind the scenes that sadly will never be known when Denise wasn’t filming.”

Because Denise’s reported hookups with Brandi will allegedly be discussed at length throughout the show’s 10th season, Denise is said to be “truly worried” about what will be seen and spoken of on the series.

“Her three daughters are old enough now to read about and understand it” and she doesn’t want them “to have to deal with” the fallout,” a second insider explained. “Denise and her girls have been through enough.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 10 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

Photos Credit: Astrid Stawiarz/Bravo, John Tsiavis/Bravo