Shahs of Sunset Star Reza Farahan Slams MJ Javid as “Messy” in Series of Tweets, Claims He Has Numerous “Receipts” of Her Plot to Take Him Down Plus He Shades Tommy Feight

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Shahs of Sunset Star Reza Farahan Slams "Messy" MJ Javid in Series of Tweets, Claims He Has Numerous "Receipts" of Her Plot to Take Him Down Plus He Shades Tommy Feight

There seemed to be a light at the end of the messy tunnel for Reza Farahan and Mercedes “MJ” Javid recently, but has that ship sailed yet again?

The Shahs of Sunset stars and former BFFs have endured so much drama this past year it’s hard to keep it all straight. From Mercedes’ husband Tommy Feight trespassing onto Reza and husband Adam Neely‘s home with a baseball bat and vandalizing the property to Reza and Mercedes continuing their tempestuous feud off-screen, any chance for repairing their friendship has seemed bleak at best.

Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen tweeted on April 27 and asked fans for questions for Reza, Adam, Mercedes, and Tommy, who will be in attendance on Friday’s episode of WWHL this week (we’re REALLY wondering how well that’s going to play out).

While Andy received plenty of fan questions for the Shahs cast, he also received numerous tweets from Reza, who had some questions for Mercedes — or more so, some serious shade to throw at his former bestie.

See his tweets below:

“Why does MJ have ALWAYS have an issue with other women in our friend group? SHE’S NEVER GOTTEN ALONG WITH ANY #SHAHS FEMALES for an extended period!” he exclaimed, noting how MJ has had issues with Lilly Ghalichi, Asa Soltan, Destiney Rose, and Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi

“Does Tommy have a job or is MJ the breadwinner?” he asked of her husband.

Reza also continued to question Mercedes’ denial that she was the one who “sent” her husband to vandalize his house, asking if she was “ready to admit” her wrongdoing and explaining how Tommy wouldn’t know how to find his home without Mercedes’ assistance.

Reza also brought up MJ’s “little friend,” or Ali Ashouri, and his alleged plot to get on the show back in 2012.

“Does MJ know that her little friend was tweeting at you @Andy back before any of us knew him (in 2012ish) BEGGING you to put him on the show?” he asked. “Tweets have since been deleted, but those receipts will be at the reunion!”

Reza also added that he has “receipts,” or voice recordings, of Mercedes “plotting” with Ali (or “coaching” him about the cheating rumors about him and husband Adam). He plans to bring them to the reunion.

Will Andy even ask these questions? Will the WWHL episode with the two couples be an absolute bust? What receipts will cause a blow out at the reunion?

We’ll have to stay tuned to see the fiery Shahs drama to play out on screen.

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