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Shahs of Sunset

Shahs of Sunset’s Reza Farahan Reveals if He Regrets His Abortion Claim About MJ Javid, Plus He Accuses Mike and Nema of ‘Lying’ to Him as Adam Says MJ Threatened to Quit Show

Shahs of Sunset's Reza Farahan Reveals if He Regrets His Abortion Claim About MJ Javid, Plus He Accuses Mike and Nema of 'Lying' to Him as Adam Says MJ Threatened to Quit Show

Reza Farahan is revealing if he regrets the shocking claim he made against his former best friend Mercedes “MJ” Javid  during a recent episode of Shahs of Sunset.

During an appearance on Zack Peter‘s podcast this week, Reza accused two of his costars of ‘lying’ to him as he also addressed MJ’s alleged “coaching” of Ali Ashouri regarding the cheating rumors about him and husband Adam Neely. Also, Adam discussed MJ’s threats to quit the show.

“Everything [Ali] was doing was calculated,” Reza explained on #NoFilter with Zack Peter.

“I’ve been on a reality show for ten years. I could tell what he was about and what he wanted to do. And then the stories came out that MJ was coaching him. So, when you understand the whole scope of everything, he’s an operator,” he added.

As for MJ’s intention in bringing up the rumors, which included claims of cheating in bathhouses, Reza said MJ was trying to get back at him for mentioning her bank fraud at the season two reunion.

“[MJ] told Destiney that she was very resentful that I had brought that up. And… for her to bring it up to Destiney, and let Destiney know that she’s still resentful, tells me that she wanted to get me and that she wanted to keep her hands clean,” Reza explained.

Following several episodes in which MJ and the cheating rumors were front and center, Reza was seen accusing MJ of having 10 abortions at Sara Jeihooni’s swim party, which he now regrets.

“I wish I had never said that,” he confessed. “I was there with so much anger and rage, resentment, and betrayal that I acted very, very, very foolishly. But unfortunately, I had never been betrayed by my best friend of 30 years, nor did I know how I would act if I was forced into a confrontation with her.”

While it wasn’t seen on Shahs, Reza said Nema Vand and Mike Shouhed aggressively lied to him and convinced him to go talk to MJ because she supposedly wanted to apologize. However, after Reza found MJ, she told him to “get the f*ck away from her” and threw drinks at his face.

“Clearly, from the way that she acted, she wasn’t there to make up with me. She came there locked and loaded to fight. And unfortunately, I took the bait and acted foolishly,” he explained.

According to Adam, MJ sent a text message, saying, “Deuces,” in which she allegedly quit the show, but because she created such a dramatic storyline with the cheating rumors, teamed up with her claims of being abandoned by her best friend after she nearly lost her life during childbirth, she was able to get back on the show.

She also wanted more money, added Reza.

“[MJ] was doing interviews all over town while she’s pregnant, talking about how if they don’t give her what she’s worth, she’s not coming back,” he recalled. “And then so finally the show was like, ‘Fine, adios. Bye.’”

Shahs of Sunset season eight airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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