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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Sonja Morgan Shades Lisa Vanderpump and Denise Richards’ Decision to Stop Filming RHOBH, Plus She Shares if Bethenny Frankel Watches RHONY and if They Still Talk

Sonja Morgan Shades Lisa Vanderpump and Denise Richards' Decision to Stop Filming RHOBH, Plus She Shares if Bethenny Frankel Watches RHONY and if They Still Talk

Sonja Morgan is calling out other housewives who aren’t ready to reveal everything for the cameras.

Known for her wild antics on The Real Housewives of New York City, Sonja reveals how she doesn’t agree with certain housewives like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars Lisa Vanderpump and Denise Richards who have chosen to flee from filming when the going gets tough.

“Yeah … that I don’t agree with,” Sonja told Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider for their Bitch Sesh podcast. “I feel like we have a commitment to the public. People watch to either vent about their own pain and they’re called ‘haters’ — and I don’t like to say ‘haters’ I like to kinda rise above it and say that someone’s hurting at home and they wanna feel better about themselves and take it out on me. Like, when I pick up the New York Post I read something and I say, ‘Whoa, at least I’m not being locked up for that!’ you know. So yeah … I don’t agree with that at all. I think you have to share everything with the viewer that you can.”

Sonja might be only referring to certain headlines she’s read, since when asked if she’s actually watching RHOBH, she noted it’s not exactly on her to-do list.

“I [didn’t] see half of my own episode last night so you guys are nuts if you think I watch Beverly Hills!” she exclaimed. “And that is what we call “touché!”

Considering the conversation of “mentioning it all” for the cameras, Sonja also talked briefly of RHONY OG Bethenny Frankel and her recent departure from the franchise. Podcast hosts Casey and Danielle noted how Bethenny could be hard on Sonja at times, wondering if she missed her from the show like she claimed during an interview with Reality Blurb last month.

“She did put me down sometimes, but I think tough love is something I respect,” she said. “I’m [very] truthful so … I’d rather have someone give me the truth than blow smoke up my butt. […] I don’t like to be taken down the path of mystery and bulls–t and have things said behind my back. So with Bethenny, I always like that direct approach.”

Although Sonja appreciated Bethenny’s “tough love” approach, she revealed she’s still a little hurt about their past feud over Sonja’s “Tipsy Girl” liquor company — a brand name that sounded a lot like Bethenny’s “SkinnyGirl” trademark.

“Except that one time she didn’t understand with Tipsy Girl … that wasn’t my trademark, it was a licensing deal, they had already called it [that]. We got through that, which told me that we really did care about each other, she was very protective of me and I think that’s why she was so hurt about it. And also she had a bug put in her ear by Ramona and Dorinda and I felt there was jealousy there that I had those businesses and I do have these businesses but … whatever I have to keep doing it.”

The reality star noted how the two still talk, as Bethenny called her recently to check up during quarantine. Whether or not Bethenny is still watching the show is another story.

“I don’t think [she’s watching the show]. I think she’s watching headlines about it out of curiosity as a businesswoman, [but] I think she’s very focused on her business now [and] her daughter,” Sonja said.

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