Brandi Glanville Accuses Denise Richards of Failing to Be Truthful and Honest During RHOBH Filming, Plus When Will Their Drama Begin Airing?

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RHOBH's Brandi Glanville Confirms Relationship With Denise Richards and Slams Denise for Failing to Be Truthful and Honest During Filming, Plus When Will Their Drama Begin Airing?

Brandi Glanville addressed her ongoing drama with Denise Richards during a recent appearance on KTLA 5.

While promoting her new episode of her friend BP Major‘s series, Major Minors, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member spoke of her alleged relationship with Denise before slamming her for being supposedly dishonest during season 10 and revealing when the “meat” of their drama will begin airing on the show.

“We definitely have some issues,” Brandi teased during the appearance, claiming once again that she had “some sort of relationship with Denise.”

While Brandi didn’t disclose the nature of her relationship with Denise, it has been rumored for months that the two of them engaged in an affair sometime after Denise’s September 2018 wedding to husband Aaron Phypers. Denise has however vehemently denied these claims and Brandi appeared to backtrack and downplay her allegations earlier this year.

And while Denise has denied having an open marriage with Aaron, Brandi said that on a scale from five to ten, Denise was absolutely not being “true to herself” or “honest” during production on season 10 last year.

“That’s a big zero!” Brandi proclaimed.

Then, when asked what her issues with Denise actually were, Brandi stayed mum as she revealed when her drama with Denise will begin playing out on the show.

“If I told you, there would be no reason to watch the show. So I can’t actually tell you,” she explained. “I’m not telling. I honestly can’t preempt the show but you know, in three weeks, I think that’s when the meat of the episode starts and… you’ll see what’s going down.”

Also during the appearance, she said that when it comes to her children potentially following in her footsteps with careers in entertainment, she will support whatever they decide to do.

“If my kids wanted to be an actor or model, I would support whatever they wanted. If kids want to do something, you support them. I would never push anything onto my children,” she explained.

Brandi then joked that when it comes to reality television, she knows all about what not to do when cameras are rolling.

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