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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Brandi Glanville Confirms Real Housewives “Can’t Sue Each Other” But Admits She’s Worried About Legal Threat From Denise Richards, Addresses Denise’s Drama With RHOBH Cast

Brandi Glanville Confirms Real Housewives "Can't Sue Each Other" But Admits She's Worried About Legal Threat From Denise Richards, Addresses Denise's Drama With RHOBH Cast

Brandi Glanville is learning to keep her mouth shut — well, as far as the fine print can take her.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member is revealing a little more information about what the housewives can and cannot gossip about while still tip-toeing around that cease and desist order from Denise Richards.

Brandi shared in a new interview how she is indeed watching RHOBH and that “everyone looks fabulous,” but she teased how the plot “take[s] a left real quick.”

In the mid-season trailer, we see that “left” turn about to come to light, as rumors of hookups between Brandi and Denise are revealed. Following filming, Denise sent Brandi a cease and desist letter to get her to stop talking about the rumors as they allegedly began to put a strain on her marriage to Aaron Phypers.

“I’m honestly nervous. I’m not really supposed to talk about it, but I’ll talk about it as much as I can,” she said on The Rumour Mill podcast on June 26. “You never know what they’re gonna show, if they show the whole story or part of it. And I did say a couple really stupid things so that’s not gonna go well for me, so I’m not in any hurry to see that part.”

Brandi went on to explain how, after being sued by Joanna Krupa in 2015 for defamation, she’s trying to play it safe. She did, however, confirm the long-rumored claim that Bravo contracts do have a clause prohibiting Real Housewives from suing each other, granting her a bit of wiggle room.

“I’m not gagged, I have a cease and desist, but that doesn’t mean I have to follow it. But after being sued by another housewife about two years ago, I’m just choosing to figure out when and where and how I can talk,” she noted.

Brandi continued, “I have talked to the producers about trying to figure out a way because I’m not gonna talk about it if she’s gonna sue me. So they’re working on that, [because] you have contracts that say you can’t sue each other, but that hasn’t stopped her from sending me the cease and desist. And the funny part is she doesn’t even know what I’ve said and I haven’t even said anything negative but … it is what it is.”

Brandi was also asked about a “rumor” regarding her telling the other RHOBH ladies things Denise said behind their back, causing speculation for their anger or frustration with her.

Could she confirm or deny that rumor?

“I cannot!” Brandi quipped, seemingly taking her own advice to keep her mouth shut. “But just so you know — they have their own issues with Denise way before I did anything that I did. That’s all I can say. I can’t get in trouble, I just don’t wanna get them pissed off, you know?

The Drinking and Tweeting author detailed that she’s ultimately embraced her big mouth and the ability to let it all hang out since … some housewives seem to hold things a little too close to the chest.

“I have so many cease and desists I could make a coffee table book out of them,” she laughed. “We’re on a reality show — we’re on TV — we say that we’re gonna share everything and now you’re gonna try to shut me up? Like, don’t do a reality show.”

After a brief hiatus, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills returns July 8.

Photos Credit: Media Punch/, Jesse Grant/Bravo


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