Brandi Glanville Reveals Denise Richards Sent Her a Cease and Desist Letter, Admits the RHOBH Has a “Lack of Authenticity” and Shades Camille Grammer

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Brandi Glanville Reveals Denise Richards Sent Her a Cease and Desist Letter, Admits the RHOBH Has a "Lack of Authenticity" and Shades Camille Grammer

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member Brandi Glanville recently appeared on Danny Pellegrino’s podcast with a lot to dish about the Housewives — most specifically about her drama with Denise Richards, her feud with Camille Grammer, and her thoughts on the recent RHOBH season.

The former RHOBH regular noted that the drama of the upcoming season, which reportedly resulted in Denise being on the outs with most of the cast, won’t be like the last with Lisa Vanderpump, considering how fans felt everyone ganged up against her.

“That was not my experience at all,” explained Brandi on the Everything Iconic podcast when asked about a gang up on Denise. “I think that people are just anticipating and that’s not what’s gonna happen. You know, there’s always somebody that gets called on their s–t, I mean, somebody gets a big head and — every season — they start acting like someone they’re not. It’s happened to all of us. Because I’m only in part of the season, I can’t speak for a lot of it, but that’s not the vibe I got in any way, shape, or form.”

The reality star also delved into her thoughts on the current state of the franchise, agreeing with host Danny about its lackluster quality this season.

“Well, I think the problem sometimes is that the girls really really like each other and you don’t wanna step on anyone’s toes,” explained Brandi. “I know all the girls really like each other for this season except for maybe me [laughs].”

The Drinking and Tweeting author explained how, when Erika Jayne came onto the scene with a glam team, all the women “thought that’s what they’re supposed to do” since fans fell in love with her.

”[Then] it became a bunch of people with glam teams. And that’s Erika’s thing, it’s not everyone else’s,” Brandi said. “So … I feel like there’s sometimes […] a lack of authenticity because you want to protect your friends and you don’t want to say anything about what’s really happening.”

When grilled on the rumors about her and Denise hooking up, Brandi shared that she, well, couldn’t share, as she was recently served a cease and desist letter on the matter from her co-star and former friend.

“And as far as the Denise stuff,” Brandi explained, “because I was given a cease and desist, I’m gonna just not talk about it until I have to.”

When asked about her favorite Denise performance, Brandi laughed, exclaiming, “I mean, I think we all love Wild Things, don’t we?!”

Later in the episode, Brandi was asked where she and Denise currently stand.

“Well … let’s just say we’re standing and not laying down anywhere,” Brandi laughed, further explaining that the women “don’t have a relationship, unfortunately… All I can tell you is I don’t lie.”

The reality star also opened up about her feud with Camille when she was asked about Camille’s reunion appearance, during which she got very emotional.

“What’s happening with Camille? Did she malfunction at the reunion? [laughs] But it seemed like she malfunctioned, right?” the host asked.

Laughing along, Brandi agreed that “somebody forgot to change her batteries,” calling her bizarre reunion behavior a “Barbie breakdown.”

Brandi continued with her thoughts on Camille and her part in the drama of this past season, explaining how Camille “doesn’t know herself” and that “people can get in her head very easily and she will carry out the mission [with] no idea what the mission actually is.”

Although Brandi isn’t returning as a full time cast member, she has a place in the franchise’s upcoming next season and is sure to bring more drama and spill more tea in real time.

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