Reasons for Feud Between RHOBH Stars Denise Richards and Lisa Rinna are Revealed, Plus Why Denise is ‘Frustrated’

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Reasons for Feud Between RHOBH Stars Denise Richards and Lisa Rinna are Revealed, Plus Why Denise is 'Frustrated'

Find out why Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Denise Richards had a falling out with Lisa Rinna following the Brandi Glanville hookup rumors. Plus, learn why Denise is so frustrated about all of the drama.

Ever since it was leaked that Denise may have had a months-long affair with former Beverly Hills housewife, Brandi, drama amongst the cast has been at an all-time high. But it seems that Lisa is putting herself in the middle of the drama as she has apparently been questioning Denise about what really happened between her and Brandi.

“Denise Richards and Lisa Rinna had a fallout in Rome when Lisa confronted Denise over the rumors involving Brandi Glanville as well as things she and the other ladies heard Denise was saying about them behind their backs,” a source recently dished to Hollywood Life, referring to a trip the cast took to Italy in November. “Denise still has no idea where the Brandi rumors came from and Rinna seemed upset that Denise is denying it so Rinna confronted her and they got into a big fight about it. They later fought again at a charity event filmed at Kyle’s house.”

As fans have likely already learned, Brandi was allegedly hooking up with Denise after being under the impression that the mother-of-three was in an open relationship with her husband, Aaron Phypers. And in a string of cryptic tweets, Brandi alluded she was misled by Denise and even implied she was blackmailed by her.

And in the midst of this salacious hookup rumor, Lisa has been said to be in the middle of it. Just before the Brandi/Denise affair rumor was leaked to the public, Lisa had reached out to the actress on Instagram, asking her why she didn’t show up to a party the cast was filming at Dorit Kemsley‘s house. According to the source, Denise is unhappy that this drama made its way to social media before the season even started airing.

“Rinna also confronted Denise about not showing up to filming, but Denise has shown up for her all of her filming obligations,” added the source. “She is frustrated that this is playing out in the press and social media now instead of on the show when the season airs.”

Fortunately for Denise, she does have Beverly Hills housewife Camille Grammer in her corner as Camille has come to Denise’s aid in the wake of the affair rumor, insinuating that the story was completely made up in a series of recent tweets, seemingly throwing shade at Brandi.

While fans have become privy to all this drama before season 10 has even aired, cast member Teddi Mellencamp recently teased that we haven’t even learned the whole story yet.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 10 will air on Bravo sometime over the coming months.

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