RHONJ’s Joe Giudice Shares Update on Relationship With Ex Teresa Giudice, Discusses Not Being Able to See His Daughters Due to Pandemic

by Cynthia Cook

RHONJ's Joe Giudice Shares Update on Where He Stands With Estranged Wife Teresa Giudice, Plus Can He See His Girls Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Joe Giudice is reflecting on his relationship with estranged wife, Teresa Giudice.

Although he’s away from his kids in Italy, Joe is making the most of life, trying to keep a decent relationship with ex Teresa, working out, and putting the effort into his new show.

During a new interview, Joe touched on how things are going with Teresa as they live their separate lives across oceans amid unfinished divorce proceedings.

“We get along fine. We talk a lot. Every time I talk to the kids I talk to her as well and see what’s going on make sure everything’s good,” he told ExtraTV. “Relationship’s good. It’s unfortunate what happened, but you can’t change what’s done.”

The 48-year-old also discussed his frustration with the current coronavirus pandemic, eager to see his family. The girls were apparently supposed to visit Joe in August, however, the pandemic seems to have put things on hold.

“I think right now it’s better to be here,” he said, speaking about Italy’s recovery from being one of the worst-hit countries at the start of the outbreak. “I just hope it goes away, because it’s really a burden on everybody. My kids would be here right now but they can’t come.”

Joe then detailed his exercise habits, preparing for an epic upcoming boxing match against Ojani Noa in October.

“I’m working out a lot, I’m getting ready for the fight in October,” he shared. “Gotta look good! I don’t wanna go on a stage and look like a pasta bowl.”

Moreover, Joe gave the run-down on his new YouTube show, This Old Villa, in which he’s renovating his late father-in-law’s former home.

“Me and the old man were very close and it goes to the kids so I’m finishing it,” he explained. “I just started filming it and they came up with This Old Villa. It’s a total rehab over there, so we’re re-doing everything over there. I live in Salerno, but I’m living there when the kids come and I’m living there when I go there.”

Photos Credit: Instagram