Mercedes “MJ” Javid Explains Why She Feels Tommy “Wants to Divorce” Her as She Admits Marriage Hardships, Shares Update With Reza, GG, and Destiney, and Talks Shahs of Sunset Reunion

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Mercedes "MJ" Javid Comments on the Shahs of Sunset Reunion and Where She Stands With Reza, GG, and Destiney, Plus She Shares a Major Update on Her Marriage to Tommy Feight

Mercedes “MJ” Javid has been through somewhat of a rough year, with the challenging birth of her son, the tragic dissolution of a years-long friendship, and an extremely stressful Shahs of Sunset season eight reunion. What’s more, dealing with marriage woes amidst a global pandemic? Not so easy.

Like any couple, MJ and Tommy Feight have had to navigate the difficulties of being married during a pandemic, taking care of baby Shams and living with the added weight of quarantine.

“During quarantine, when Tommy and I would get in our little lovers’ quarrels, I have been known to, over the past four months, to call my family law attorney like, ‘So, what are my rights?’” MJ explained on Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast. “And he’s like, ‘First of all, honey, it’s going to cost you five grand just to pick up the phone and call me and file.’ Like, OK!”

Speaking candidly, MJ revealed the process has been “difficult” with “a lot of ups and downs” along the way, adding that although the two have experienced a few miscommunications, there shouldn’t be any reason to really fight.

“I sit there, and I’m like, why the eff would we fight?” MJ said, further explaining both their busy schedules as a key factor in the rising tension between them. “We’re both busting our butts doing our best every single day, and yet, I feel like he wants to divorce me.”

Despite the conflict the two have often faced (and the conflict faced with friends this year, as well),  MJ is trying to pull herself together for her family and be the pillar of strength they need.

“I just tell myself, I’m the woman, to be strong. I’m the woman, I should be practical, pragmatic, be loving, be nurturing, just let him calm down, and we’re gonna circle back tonight, and everything will be cool,” she shared. “I’ll say something loving, and then we’ll get through it. That happens, and then … fireworks again.”

As for the recent Shahs of Sunset reunion, MJ detailed her experience this year as feeling as if she got “hit by a truck” and calling it “harder than childbirth.”

“I personally felt disappointed because from the beginning I saw … just like, mud-slinging. I thought that we were gonna start from like, a much calmer place, and then I totally got triggered and I totally reacted and I totally lost my cool,” she shared. “But before that, I would be like, ‘Oh, honey, I’ve got this! I’m gonna be calm, I’m not gonna lose my temper at all.’ So … yeah, that didn’t happen.”

The new mom also noted that she didn’t receive the “validation” she wanted from the cast. She expressed disappointment in Golnesa “GG” Gharachedagi and Destiney Rose for their respective attitudes toward her.

“I felt like they could’ve been more honest and just like … let’s turn the page from what we’ve lived for the whole season and let’s turn the page to some just, mother-to-mother with me and Golnesa would have been nice,” she stated. “I think my expectations from them were just … not realistic.”

Further, MJ reflected on how she and former BFF Reza Farahan are “treading very lightly” to repair their friendship, which was practically eviscerated this year after a cheating scandal about Reza’s husband, Adam Neely, was allegedly pushed through by MJ via her friend Ali Ashouri.

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