Charrisse Jackson-Jordan Reveals Who Started Cheating Rumors About Monique Samuels on RHOP, Claims Monique “Lies A Lot” and Explains Why She Hasn’t Tried to ‘Clear Her Name,’ Plus Live Viewing Thread!

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Charrisse Jackson-Jordan Insists She Had "Nothing to Do" With Cheating Rumors About Monique Samuels on RHOP, Claims Monique "Lies A Lot" and Explains Why She Hasn't Tried to 'Clear Her Name' 

Charrisse Jackson-Jordan says she doesn’t need to clear her name when it comes to those cheating allegations about Monique Samuels. But … she’s kind of here to clear her name.

The former Real Housewives of Potomac star is denying being an active participant in starting the rumors about Monique, despite what Monique (and some of the current cast members) claim.

“[Monique]’s best friend started a rumor, okay? I had nothing to do with the rumor,” Charrisse alleged to HollywoodLife on August 17, referencing Monique’s friend GiGi. “The best friend told everybody from production, to corporate, to the cast, so who did I tell? And she knows that her friend was doing this but what she thought was I was going to come on the show and use that as an end.”

Monique, who’s been married to retired NFL player Chris Samuels, since 2012, hinted at the beginning of this season that Charrisse had started some “nasty” rumor about her family and would not discuss the situation. Luckily for viewers, Gizelle Bryant revealed the dirty details in her confessional, explaining the allegations against Monique which claimed she had an extramarital affair with her trainer.

Monique has continued to deny the affair, accusing Charrisse of “facilitating” the word on the streets of Potomac.

“Monique is clear on that,” Charrisse explained, denying she started the rumors, but admitting having talks about them. “She’s been on her live saying that her best friend of 20 years is the one that started that rumor but I facilitated it.”

Monique has gone on “live” a couple times on her Instagram since the show premiered to discuss the issue at hand, last week with husband Chris at her side. Chris, notably seething about the drama, said he wanted to “yell” at Charrisse for perpetuating the situation.

“First of all, I’m never going to get into an argument or anything with Chris. I don’t argue with men. This is a show with a cast of ladies. Let the ladies do their thing. I personally think that it was inappropriate for him to even suggest that,” she added, noting that she hasn’t tried to “clear her name” with the couple since the debacle.

“I’m aware of the type of individual I’m dealing with so no, I have not [tried to clear my name],” the 55-year-old went on. “I don’t think it would change anything because Monique, in my opinion, lies a lot so in order to justify it she believes the lies she is telling and then she gets on social media and she blasts all this stuff just to make herself validated and I don’t even respond to it. I live in my truth so I don’t need to get on social media trashing her,” she said.

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