RHOP Recap: Gizelle Shares Cheating Rumor Involving Monique and the Ladies Celebrate Ashley, Plus Candiace Feels Attacked at Dinner

by Elizabeth Comments

RHOP Recap: Gizelle Shares The Cheating Rumor Involving Monique And The Ladies Celebrate Ashley, Plus Candiace Feels Attacked at Dinner

On this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Potomac, the ladies decide to throw a party to pull Ashley out of her funk. The rumor that Charisse spread about Monique is shared, and it is pretty scandalous…

We hear some moaning and groaning coming from the Huger household! We find Karen working out with her trainer Georgi. Ray comes downstairs to see what is happening, and Karen claims she does it to keep her body in shape for Ray. She is looking for Ray to tell her those three magic words but he is not giving it up. Ray! Just throw her a love bone! All he will give her is ok, ok, ok. Wow, they seem really disconnected in this scene.

Gizelle and Monique meet up for lunch. They both share a love of food, and I am so glad the ladies on this show actually eat! Production shows how far they have come. Monique thinks that since Gizelle is getting the “D” she is no longer acting like a trick. I think this is more a battle of the beauties. You would think they were the former beauty queens instead of Candiace and Ashley.

They both discuss Ashley and her depression. Monique shares she won’t even leave the house. They decide to plan a “Come out of the house” party to pull her out of her postpartum depression. I think that sounds like a good plan since postpartum is no joke.

Gizelle wants Monique to work on Candiace to get an apology out of her, and they think she may be sympathetic to Ashley’s plight. Gizelle wonders why Charisse was at the party. Monique says Candiace knew that Charisse was sharing nasty rumors about her. Production tries again to get her to talk about it but no can do. She doesn’t want to even vocalize them.

Gizelle is more than happy to spill that tea in her ITM. Apparently, there was a rumor that Monique was having an affair with her trainer. Monique’s husband Chris allegedly even found out about it since the rumor is Monique and her personal trainer were seen together all around town. Yikes, that would be a tough rumor to overcome. I can see why Monique is pissed at Charisse for spreading that gossip. Monique, please don’t let it be true! You have the best hubby on the show! Love me some Chris!

Ashley has a lactation consultant to help with her issues from breastfeeding. She got mastitis which is really painful. Wow, this lady really knows her stuff! I breastfed and I wish I had someone to help me so it wasn’t so darn painful.

Mama Sheila comes over to grab that precious baby. Ashley shares her postpartum issues with the consultant, and the consultant says the mama needs to feel good in order to be there for her baby. Mama Sheila will take care of Dean so she can get out of the house.

Candiace and Wendy meet for lunch so we get to see their connection. In Candiace’s words, Wendy is black girl magic personified! She has a Ph.D. and is a political commentator. Hmm, this Wendy is going to bring something new and fresh to this group. Wendy shares her birthing story with Candiace. Candiace doesn’t feel ready as of yet. She worries she won’t be a good mom and doesn’t want to repeat her mom’s mistakes.

Wendy, when prompted, shares that she liked Karen and Monique so far. She thinks Karen acts all super-fabulous. Karen pretends that each time she sees Wendy she has never met her. Karen might be a little intimidated by this power player. Candiace thinks Gizelle would be a good friend for Wendy to get to know. The Gizelle Monster will not be a problem for Wendy since class is always in session and she is a better reader than all of them! Now that Gizelle has her grass being mowed she should be much more manageable. Jamal needs to give up his side lawn care business to keep Gizelle on point.

Karen and Candiace are at a bar chatting. Candiace gets a text inviting her to Ashley’s party. Karen smells a skunk and can’t wait to get to the source of the stink on this invite. Candiace is a yes, for now. She thinks she can start fresh with this new mom. I am not that optimistic…

Monique calls Ashley about their night out. Ashley wants to “wear” the baby since she doesn’t like to leave him. Monique shares that Wendy will be coming and she has a young baby too. Candiace is also mentioned as an afterthought. Ashley won’t let Candiace drag her again on her first night out since the baby was born. They are thinking there will be an apology but not sure why they think that is a possibility.

Juan asks Gizelle to meet him to discuss his relationship without Robyn’s knowledge. Ok… what is this all about? Juan feels like he owes Robyn since she was there for him when he was at his lowest. He wants to put a ring on it again. I hope it is not just out of obligation or a way for Robyn to keep her job. Juan needs Gizelle’s help to pick a new ring. She recommends a ring with 24 stones to signify the number of years they have been a couple. Juan is happy for Gizelle and Jamal.  Jamal is going to need to double down on Gizelle’s diamond for the trouble he caused if he wants Gizelle to marry him again.

Candiace decides to take a pregnancy test. I thought she just said she wasn’t ready yet? She shares with Chris what she just did. Candiace is not pregnant and admits she feels a little disappointed by the negative result. Chris is ready for a family but Candiace is apprehensive. Candiace wonders if she can mother “something.” She needs to first stop referring to a baby as a “something.”

Chris didn’t even think it was a possibility since they have not exactly been getting it on lately. He is a morning person and she doesn’t want to have reluctant A.M. sex. She considers morning sex as reluctant sex? Chris is troubled by her description of their sex life. I would be too! They show a clip from the reunion where their sex life is described as decent? Their sex life sounds like a snore.

We are finally at the “Get out of the house” dinner! Gizelle puts place cards strategically to avoid any altercations. Monique wants to remove all of the sharp instruments. Gizelle shares with Monique that Candiace is friendly with Charisse. She actually shares that Candiace made an effort to befriend her. Gizelle, stop poking the bear! Sounds like Miss Candiace is exhibiting some shady behavior right now. Monique feels there is a plot going on behind her back. We are now learning about how this altercation started between these two.

Karen, Robyn, and the guest of honor, Ashley, arrive. They tell Ashley, “Candiace doesn’t have any sharp utensils.” Gizelle and Monique are proud they were able to do this collaboration for Ashley with no drama. Wendy and Candiace finally arrive and so far so good with the greetings.

Ashley thanks everyone for their support, and she is planning a “Sip and See” to meet baby Dean. We then go on to the TMI part. Ashley has a tear in her, err, backside, and needed a shot of botox to freeze her booty. She starts describing her first bowel movement? Ok, she definitely has not gotten out much since she thinks this is appropriate dinner conversation! Then the topic goes to birth control, and Wendy fires her first shady shot at the grande dame Karen by questioning, “Do you still have sex?” Wendy is coming for that grande dame title!

Monique shares that she had to dodge a walrus/warthog, aka Charisse, when she went to Candiace’s party. Candiace faux pretends she didn’t know there was any beef between the two. Monique shades Candiace that she should have used the party money for a honeymoon. Gizelle wants to set a tone for sisterhood but there is some discord in the group — specifically Ashley and Candiace.

Ashley is willing to find common ground but Candiace hasn’t even congratulated her on the baby. Candiace thinks a one on one conversation is needed. Karen feels like Candiace is being gang banged? I don’t think she is being ganged up on by the others at all. Why is Karen defending Candiace now?

We then have a to-be-continued after no apologies…

Next week, relationships and friendships are questioned. Charisse also shows up to muddy the waters. See you all then!