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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Charlie Sheen Denies Having Anything to Do With Denise Richards’ RHOBH Exit, ‘Applauds’ Ex-Wife’s Decision to Quit

Charlie Sheen Denies Having Anything to Do With Denise Richards' RHOBH Exit, 'Applauds' Ex-Wife's Decision to Quit

Credit: Seth Browarnik/, Kathy Hutchins/

Charlie Sheen is denying that he had a hand in ex-wife Denise Richards‘ quitting The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

After news of Denise’s exit made the rounds last week, rumors swirled about her ex potentially having something to do with the decision. Now, Charlie is denying giving her a push, saying he actually had nothing to do with it.

“She does what she wants in these matters,” he told Page Six on through his publicist Jeffrey Ballard on September 16.

Although he admitted he wasn’t a factor in her decision-making process, he still complimented Denise’s choice to leave the franchise.

“I applaud her decision of ‘one and done,'” he went on, incorrectly identifying Denise as being on the show one season (she joined for season nine), but showing his support nonetheless.

Denise reportedly bailed on Beverly Hills due to contract negotiation conflict, with sources saying she backed out because Bravo wouldn’t pay her as much money as she wanted in order to come back for season 11. Other sources, however, denied that reasoning, saying the Wild Things star simply didn’t love her second season and left without even negotiating.

The actress, who joined the series in 2019, was a hit with fans for her first season, but she was at odds with her castmates this year around the gossip of a supposed tryst between her and former RHOBH housewife, Brandi Glanville.

Although Denise is used to being the hot topic of headlines due to her tempestuous marriage (and divorce) with Charlie, she seems to be seeking more solace these days outside of the drama.


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