RHOP Star Ashley Darby Says She’s Been “Unfaithful” in the Past as She Defends Her Decision to Stay With Husband Michael Darby

by Cynthia Cook Comments
RHOP’s Ashley Darby Defends Her Decision to Stay With Husband Michael, Says She’s Been “Unfaithful” in the Past

Credit: Instagram

Ashley Darby is firing back at those who are questioning her relationship with husband Michael Darby.

During a recent Q&A session on her Instagram Stories, Ashley defended her decision to stay with Michael, considering his messy past and recent infidelity accusations that were revealed on last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac.

In her stories (re-posted by account Cici Loves Bravo TV), the reality star noted that she not only continues to support her husband, but she also revealed that she herself wasn’t the most faithful during their relationship — something they’ve apparently moved on from.

“A common question that I’m getting is about last night’s episode of the show,” Ashley began in the clip. “People are asking me did I stay with Michael…I haven’t always been the best wife to my husband and I haven’t always been the most faithful. Michael has forgiven me, I’ve made mistakes, and we’ve moved on, so that’s how I can move forward with him.”

She continued, “And also, I delineate between what’s the truth, and what’s made up, and I handle and address what’s the truth and I don’t let myself get caught up in what’s fake and folly for your entertainment.”

Although Michael admitted to Ashley on the show that he went to a strip club and stayed the night with a woman at a hotel (he said he passed out and they didn’t have intercourse), the two have continued their commitment to each other, with Ashley announcing her second pregnancy a couple of weeks back.

Ashley also admitted to having a past open marriage with Michael during the most recent episode of the RHOP.

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