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Real Housewives of Potomac

RHOP Recap: Karen Confronts Gizelle about Jamal and Robyn Sides With Karen as the Ladies Head To Portugal

RHOP Recap: Karen Confronts Gizelle about Jamal as the Ladies Head To Portugal

On this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Potomac, we are heading to Portugal! Pack your bags and make sure you are ready to be confronted on all of your shady behavior. Let’s take off and live vicariously through the RHOP!

Gizelle calls Jamal Bryant as she refers to him and is already getting sent to his voicemail. She acts nonplussed since he does that whenever she calls. SIGH. Please just move this ridiculous storyline along, Bravo.

Wendy calls Robyn and they chat about Monique filing charges. She is concerned about how this is going to affect their trip to Portugal. I guess Dr. Wendy knows how these things can go on a cast trip. They bring all of their ammunition in their luggage so they can be locked and loaded with lots of nasty shade to share while on vacation. IMO, they are wasting this opportunity to enjoy this beautiful locale. I am a little jelly myself and now really want to go there after seeing this beautiful country. SIGH.

Candiace is still stewing over Monique filing charges against her. She has chosen to skip town to Portugal to disengage from this legal mess. I think she should also be angry at whoever told her to wear that turbie twist in her ITM this season.

Monique and Karen are meeting for breakfast to discuss the current situation. She wants to find out the real story from Karen about what Ashley shared. Karen tells Monique that Ashley is planning a trip to Portugal and wanted to include her but knows the timing isn’t right.

Monique is fine with missing out on that trip since she is trying to focus on her family. She then confronts Karen on what she heard from Ashley. Monique isn’t asking Karen to choose sides at least not yet but she is telling her to tread lightly with Candiace.

Ashley and Michael are discussing how Dean will be cared for when she goes out of town. She does have to be assured that he will behave while she is away. Michael claims he will stay out of hotels with strange women and be a good boy be a doting father. Ashley’s friend Eve is going to watch Dean and Michael in the daytime and Michael will handle the evenings. I am sure she is hopeful this will keep him home but time will tell on that one.

Ashley shares in her ITM that Monique asked her to write a statement on her behalf. She will soldier for her friend since the Samuels didn’t share the video footage on Michael. Monique also protected that little juicy bit of intel on the Darbys’ open marriage.

On the plane, I love that Karen changes seats so Wendy has to sit next to her. In real-time, it seems that Karen thinks they will be ride or die friends, but they obviously have a long way to go! They arrive 19 hours later in Madeira, Portugal! It looks picturesque. Ladies, please don’t ruin this gorgeous trip with stupid nonsense. Poor Karen is almost knocked out just getting into the car. Thank God for a good wig!

They arrive at the Savoy Palace and it is exquisite. The ladies toast to Magic in Madeira. It will take a lot more than just magic to work through the underlying issues within this group.

The ladies check out all of their rooms and they all have very lavish accommodations. They actually have chocolate lipstick in their rooms. YUM! Gosh, what I would give to experience this beautiful trip. Sorry, I digress. The ladies all call their guys to check in and most of them are interested in talking to them — except, of course, Jamal, who is thrilled Gizelle is out of the country.

The ladies head to dinner in the hotel. WTF is Gizelle wearing on her head? That Gucci headband is just not flattering at all. Gizelle claims to be the anointed one but she is truly the fashionably challenged one. She actually needs fashion tips from the Grande Dame who looks fabulous tonight. Wait, Karen already has an ulcer and the trip just started. Miss Karen, just keep chugging that milk — you are going to need it on this trip. Ashley isn’t buying this story, and she thinks Karen is protecting her loose lips when she drinks booze. She learned her lesson from the last time she spilled her true feelings about Ray.

Wendy confronts Karen AGAIN about disrespecting her degrees. She shares that her dad worked at Wendy’s and he got promoted so he named his daughter after the restaurant. Wendy was named after the fast-food chain? She claims her success was for every little black girl. Wendy thinks that she has buttoned down this conversation but Miss Karen will rip that button off with her shady repertoire.

The waiter comes to the table, and they mention Portugal’s signature drink, Poncha. Gizelle and Wendy decide to call it punani and poon-poon. Karen looks horrified at their classless behavior. Wendy says, “Cheers to licking pooch!” Did Wendy just say that? Not very scholarly behavior, Dr. Wendy.

Gizelle decides to shift the conversation to Ashley and her marriage since she doesn’t want her fraud of a relationship brought up. The difference is that Ashley knows how to hold her own, so keep it moving, Gizelle. Wendy announces that her middle name means she came from God. Candiace, who can’t resist a one-up, shares she came from Jesus. No surprise that these two self-appointed sacred women are friends.

When the topic of Jamal is brought up, Gizelle covers for him AGAIN. He is allegedly doing some business deals with the church. Karen wants to know why Jamal hasn’t shown his face around town. She questions if Jamal is proud of her. Gizelle gets a little too defensive while sporting her bad headband. Jamal actually has to live eight states away from her since he obviously can barely tolerate her presence.

Karen calls out her hypocrisy and insists a proud man would be by your side. BOOM, she brought her shady ammunition to dinner. I knew Karen would come locked and loaded for her. Gizelle is not very happy that her little faithful soldier Robyn is siding with the enemy right now. She will pay later for not having her back.

Ashley tries to call Michael and the calls are going to voicemail. She has to call Eve the babysitter and find out that Michael isn’t home yet. Ashley finally reaches Michael and he acts annoyed that she is asking about his whereabouts. Did Michael just say he can’t be molested like this and hang up on her? What the heck does that mean? Ashley starts sobbing, “I just want to go home!” and drag Michael’s a*s home.

Robyn goes to Gizelle’s room to chat about Karen. She really wants to make sure that she isn’t going to be in a friendship timeout. Gizelle wishes that Robyn kept her opinion about Jamal to herself and didn’t share it in front of the other ladies. I knew Gizelle would call her out on that perceived betrayal.

The next morning, Candiace is using her Post-It notes so she can have her daily affirmations. She needs those while in Portugal since she doesn’t have her friend Cliff to stop over and tell her how wonderful she is. I guess some things never change.

Karen goes to Ashley’s room to chat. She has been waiting to get the opportunity to cash her shady check issued by Gizelle. Ashley tells Karen how Michael upset her when he was late getting home from work. She has issues trusting him for obvious reasons. I do love that Karen is giving her a tough-love talk about Michael. Now that is how real friends support you.

The next morning, the ladies head out to ride the cable cars and shop in the market. The views of the city are incredible. I love the production shade to Karen: Portugal isn’t a city. Miss Robyn: Portugal isn’t Brazil either.

You would think that when you are going on a trip to a foreign land you would educate yourself a little bit about it before leaving. Gizelle must not have told Robyn to study up. Why is Candiace using her glittery battery operated fan on herself? Is it that hot there?

Wendy is peeved that Karen keeps calling her out on her pretentiousness. She has to keep bringing up her darn degrees. Wendy went through some stuff to get those degrees and she resents Karen giving her sh*t over it.

Karen is grilling Gizelle again about Jamal and how she deserves to be called out after being shady about Ray. She then asks Gizelle, “Would you tell Satan all of your business?” Did she really just call Gizelle Satan? LOL, I get it. Gizelle did seriously give Karen lots of grief over Ray’s business dealings.

Gizelle has to FaceTime Jamal to prove he will talk to her on the phone. Karen is over the superficial friendship with Gizelle and truly believes Jamal just lives in Gizelle’s phone. She is done with this charade of a friendship. We then have another to be continued…

Next week, we are still in Portugal and Ashley shares that she wrote a statement in Monique’s defense. Candiace is livid that Ashley isn’t supporting her. Yikes, will this ever get resolved?


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