Is Kim Richards the RHOBH Star Who Hooked Up With Brandi Glanville? Plus Brandi is Accused of Having an Alleged “Little Fling” With Ex-Housewife Carlton Gebbia

by Lindsay Cronin Comments
REPORT: Kim Richards Identified as the Mystery RHOBH Cast Member Who Hooked Up With Brandi Glanville, Plus Brandi is Accused of Having a "Little Fling" With Ex-Housewife Carlton Gebbia

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Kim Richards is being accused of an alleged racy hookup with Brandi Glanville.

Months after Denise Richards claimed on an episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that Brandi had told her she had slept with other members of the show, sources have allegedly identified Kim as her girl while also alleging that former cast member Carlton Gebbia engaged in a fling with the mother of two.

“It was actually none other than Kim Richards who Denise was referring to,” a source close to Brandi alleged to #NoFilter podcast host Zack Peter. “Brandi hooked up with Kim Richards and there was apparently a threesome that went down between the three of them.”

“There was a dude that came in and the three of them all kind of had a little rendezvous, ménage à trois,” the insider alleged.

As fans of RHOBH will recall, Denise suggested that Brandi had told her about hookups with other cast members after she was faced with allegations of sleeping with Brandi during a trip to Northern California in April 2019. So, at the time her claim was made, many wondered if Denise was saying Brandi hooked up with other women because it was true, or if she did so in an effort to take the heat off herself.

According to Zack, Denise didn’t name Kim on the show because she didn’t think it would be fair to the frequent guest star.

“Kim wasn’t there to defend herself. It would have looked really bad had she actually exposed Kim on the show as the person that Brandi slept with,” he explained.

As for Brandi’s relationship with Carlton, Zack claimed the two of them had a fling during Carlton’s since-ended marriage to David Gebbia.

“They had a little fling because Carlton had an open marriage and they liked threeways,” he alleged.

During an episode of her podcast, Unfiltered, in August, Brandi reacted to Denise’s claims regarding her alleged hookups with other cast members. She insisted that she didn’t sleep with anyone on the series’ current cast aside from Denise.

“[Denise] made up crazy stories about me. If she just wanted to say, ‘Brandi is lying. That didn’t happen,’ that’s her prerogative. But I’m not lying. It did happen. And then to make up stories about sleeping with the other women, I’ve never slept with anyone in that cast except for Denise,” Brandi stated.