Brandi Glanville Shares What Bravo Edited Out About Affair Drama With Denise Richards, Denies Hooking Up With Other RHOBH Costars and Dishes on Drama With Dorit

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

Brandi Glanville Shares What Bravo Edited Out About Affair Claim With Denise Richards, Denies Hooking Up With Other RHOBH Costars and Dishes on Drama With Dorit

Brandi Glanville opened up about her ongoing affair drama with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star Denise Richards during an episode of her podcast titled “Lesbihonest.”

As viewers of the series continue to chat about whether or not the hookups Brandi claimed to have had with Denise actually happened, Brandi reacted to the messages Bravo chose to air before discussing her drama with Dorit Kemsley.

“I don’t know why they chose to show the texts that they showed,” Brandi admitted on Unfiltered. “There’s a lot more to the scene that they haven’t shown yet but I’m sure it will be shown at some point because they do that every week… I was pounding on the table.”

During the August 19 episode of RHOBH, Brandi blurted out the explicit details of what she had done to Denise after the women questioned her about her claims of an affair, and some of her comments were bleeped out.

“People are like, ‘What do you mean you hooked up? You kissed?’ Like, what the f**k do you think happens when two chicks hook up? There’s or*l happening. I was getting frustrated,” Brandi admitted. “I felt like all these questions were coming at me and I’m like, ‘Here’s my phone. Look for yourselves. There’s two years worth of text messages here.’”

While Brandi said she’s not bothered by the fans who have taken Denise’s side, she revealed she was frustrated by the lies Denise told about her.

“The one problem I have with it is that she made up crazy stories about me. If she just wanted to say, ‘Brandi is lying. That didn’t happen,’ that’s her prerogative. But I’m not lying. It did happen. And then to make up stories about sleeping with the other women, I’ve never slept with anyone in that cast except for Denise,” she explained, noting that she hasn’t seen Denise “since [Kyle Richards]’s party.”

One person who was vocal about the fact that they were not convinced that Brandi and Denise hooked up was Dorit. However, according to Brandi, that may have been due to the fact that they did not get off on the best foot.

“Dorit definitely did not [believe me]. And I was a little mean about her boobs,” she shared. “I did send her a DM and apologize because I think she’s very beautiful and that was drunkenly rude to say.”

Although it is hard to say if there will be any proof one way or the other in regard to the alleged affair between Brandi and Denise on the finale episode of RHOBH, Brandi will be sharing more information during a one-on-one interview with Andy Cohen for the upcoming reunion next month.

“I’ll talk to Andy about it and I’ll share with him all of the texts that are there and exactly what happened and how I’m feeling about it now. I’m sitting down with him on September 8 to have our one-on-one. Maybe Kim will be there. So it might be two-on-one,” she revealed. “When we started fighting, [the text messages get] good.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 10 finale airs Wednesday, August 26, at 9 p.m. on Bravo.