RHOC’s Elizabeth Vargas Suggests Braunwyn Acts ‘Fake’ on Camera and Slams Her as “Hypocritical,” Plus She Dishes on “Best Reunion in Years,” Teases “Lying” and “Backstabbing”

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RHOC Star Elizabeth Vargas Suggests Braunwyn Acts ‘Fake’ on Camera and Slams Her as "Hypocritical," Plus She Dishes on "Best Reunion in Years," Teases "Lying" and "Backstabbing"

Elizabeth Vargas may be the new girl in town, but she’s not afraid to throw some shade.

The Real Housewives of Orange County newcomer dished on her co-stars in a recent interview, and she didn’t shy away from what she really thinks of Braunwyn Windham-Burke, who has had a bit of a brush-up with Elizabeth in recent episodes as she investigated Elizabeth’s financial dealings/supposed narrative about her life.

Kelly [Dodd] had her problems with COVID and compliancy, but I just thought it was very, as usual, hypocritical of Braunwyn,” Elizabeth told HollywoodLife on December 9. “So it is what it is. Braunwyn has absolutely no right to talk because during COVID, she went all over the country. She went to Utah. She went all of these different places, so for her to say that about Kelly…”

Fans of the show have witnessed the impact of COVID-19 beginning to hit the OC women in recent episodes as the show documented how the women went about their lives amid the pandemic. Braunwyn shaded Kelly on the show for visiting her now-husband Rick Leventhal in New York City while her daughter, Jolie, stayed behind with her dad.

Elizabeth seems to be calling out what she feels is hypocrisy on Braunwyn’s part, further slamming her RHOC co-star for behaving the way she does on camera and avoiding her castmates.

“I tried to get to know her on a number of occasions and I continue to repeat this, that, I reach out to her all of the time,” Elizabeth admitted. “I even just gave her a happy birthday text the other day. Even though she’s not talking to any of us, she’s going through a lot with her sobriety and transitions in her own life which are great.” 

Elizabeth continued about Braunwyn’s recent life transitions, “Whether people believe her or not or whether she’s full of s**t or not, she’s still doing something for her which is admirable. Whether people agree with it or not, I can’t get my head around it. Seven kids, a husband, a lesbian and then I don’t know what’s going on with her, I just want to support the cause in general, so I guess right now, she chooses not to support the women on the show. On camera she does, but off camera she absolutely doesn’t so we all got tired of the whole on camera niceness and the off camera shading from her so I just kind of gave up. I tried my hardest. When you don’t get reciprocal love, you’re like why am I not getting it if I’m not receiving it?”

During the time of this interview, Elizabeth noted how much she was looking forward to the reunion, and she said she wanted to ask Braunwyn “how her therapist is doing.”

Fans will have to see if Elizabeth was able to get around to that questioning, but apparently, the West Coast women got around to something as the RHOC rookie revealed in a recent Instagram Story on the matter.

 “So, last night was the Housewives reunion. I survived my first reunion. Oh my god, was it crazy? Don’t they all say that though? They always promise a ‘crazy’ reunion, no matter how it actually is,” Elizabeth stated on her Story, which was captured by Twitter user Dave Quinn.

“It was everything I expected and more,” Elizabeth went on. “I’m just telling you right now that it’s gonna get nuts and I didn’t think that 2020 could get any more nuts … until this.”


She continued about everyone’s looks, “Everybody looked stunning. Gina [Kirschenheiter] looked awesome. Emily [Simpson’s] outfit was awesome. Shannon [Beador] came and she brought it. Kelly brought it. Braunwyn … whatever.”

“We found out there was backstabbing, cheating, lying, jealousy,” the newfound reality star noted. “It is nuts, so umm, you guys absolutely need to stay tuned to the reunion. It will be the best reunion in years.”

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs every Wednesday at 9/8c on Bravo.

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