Emily Simpson Shares Photo After Removing Breast Implants, Reveals Hardest Part of Filming RHOC and Talks Upcoming Reunion, Plus She Exposes Stalker Experience and Talks Facial Plastic Surgery

by Lindsay Cronin

RHOC's Emily Simpson Shares Photo After Removing Breast Implants, Says "Exhausting" Reunion "Won't Disappoint," and Reveals the Hardest Part of Filming, Plus Exposes Stalker Experience and Talks Facial Plastic Surgery

Emily Simpson hosted a Q&A session on Wednesday night with her fans and followers on Instagram and during the conversation, she shared a photo of her breasts after undergoing an explant surgery.

As she opened up about her plastic surgery to her online audience, the Real Housewives of Orange County cast member also spoke about the recent reunion taping for season 15, the hardest part of filming the Bravo reality series, and her experience with a stalker.

“Did you get your implants removed?” one person asked.

“Yep!” Emily confirmed. “I had an explant and a lift! So glad I did it!”

RHOC Emily Simpson Shows Off Breasts After Explant Surgery

“How do you feel post-reunion??” another fan wondered.

As fans may have seen, Emily and her castmates reunited earlier this month in Los Angeles with host Andy Cohen for production on the upcoming special, which is expected to air in three parts starting early next year.

“I’m happy it’s over,” Emily said of the taping. “It’s an exhausting day and I get anxiety leading up to it… Now I just relax and enjoy my kids.”

Emily Simpson Admits RHOC Season 15 Reunion Was Exhausting

Another fan wanted to know if the RHOC reunion would be as good as the rumors claim.

“Yeah you won’t be disappointed,” Emily confirmed.

Emily Simpson Says Viewers Won't Be Disappointed by RHOC Reunion

As for Emily’s experience with a stalker, the reality star and mom of three told another person that her scary encounter happened long before she joined the cast of RHOC.

“It wasn’t when I was on the show. It was 2006 and I lived alone in Sacramento… Some nut job was stalking me and messing with my life,” she shared. “It was scary.”

RHOC Emily Simpson Dishes on Stalker Experience

Emily went on to tell someone else that there are many challenging parts of filming.

“Talking about hard things and have it hurt others’ feelings, being away from my kids when we film long days/nights or trips and the social media comments that are completely off base,” she wrote.

Emily Simpson Reveals the Hardest Part of Filming RHOC

In another post, Emily was asked about the potential surgery she’s had on her face.

“How much surgery have you had on your face?” someone asked.

“Zero… But I need a lower lift/tightening thing done asap,” Emily admitted.

RHOC Emily Simspon Denies Having Plastic Surgery on Her Face

The Real Housewives of Orange County season 15 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo