RHOP’s Karen Huger Tells Gizelle Bryant to Lay off the Wine and Slams Her as “Delusional” After Being Labeled an Obsessed “Stalker” and Accused of Driving by Her Home

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RHOP's Karen Huger Calls Out Gizelle Bryant After Being Labeled an Obsessed "Stalker" and Accused of Driving By Her Home, Tells Her to Lay of the Wine and Slams Her as "Delusional"

Karen Huger called Gizelle Bryant out on Twitter this week after seeing that her Real Housewives of Potomac co-star had accused her of being a “stalker” during a recent interview.

After Gizelle accused Karen of giving out her address and driving by her home in the middle of the night, Karen advised her castmate to “lay off the wine” before mentioning her ex-husband and current boyfriend, Jamal Bryant, and slamming her as “delusional.”

“You wish you were important enough for me to drive by yours. I wish I would waste my good gas on such a non-adventure!” Karen tweeted on January 27. “Girl you need to lay off the wine. Your concern should be, is Jamal coming by, not me! Jamal…please come get yo girl…Can we say delusional?”

RHOP Karen Huger Slams Gizelle Bryant as Delusional After Obsession Claims

Prior to the tweet, Gizelle had participated in an interview on Instagram, during which she was asked to describe something crazy that happened during filming on RHOP but wasn’t seen on the show.

“Karen admitted… I’ve never invited her to my home. I’ve never sent her an invitation with my address and she, like, told my address,” Gizelle replied, according to a clip of the interview shared by Roxy Queens NYC on YouTube.

“So I was like, ‘You are a 100 percent stalker. You’re a stalker. Like, you’re stalking me. You’re stalking my address. You probably drive by in the middle of the night,’” Gizelle continued. “She’s weird.”

Karen’s tweet marks the second time in recent weeks that she’s taken aim at the drinking habits of Gizelle.

As fans may have seen, Karen suggested Gizelle was bloated from alcohol during a chat with comedienne Luenell Campbell.

“I don’t know. Have you seen? Have you seen her lately?” Karen wondered. “She’s very, her face is very bloated, her hands are bloated, her ankles are bloated. It almost looks like, it’s like, um, alcohol inflammation, ya know?”

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