PHOTOS: See My 600-Lb Life Star Krystal Hall’s Weight Loss Photos Update! Did She Get Approved for Surgery After Being Sidetracked?

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PHOTOS: See My 600-Lb Life Star Krystal Hall’s Weight Loss Photos Update! Did She Get Approved for Surgery After Being Sidetracked?On the latest episode of My 600-Lb Life, viewers of the TLC reality series were introduced to Krystal Hall, a 34-year-old woman from Frankfort, Ohio, who hoped to be approved for weight loss surgery so she could care for her family in the way they deserved.

After suffering from a number of medical conditions, including joint pain, diabetes, high blood pressure, and nerve damage, for years, Krystal traveled to Houston to meet with Dr. Younan Nowzaradan in hopes of being given the go-ahead for a better life.

“My least favorite part of getting ready in the morning is when I have to do anything in front of the mirror. I don’t want to see my reflection because I hate my body,” Krystal admitted on the show.

Because Krystal was also suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), she had been faced with hair growth on her face.

“When I have to shave my face, I feel so disgusting. I feel like I’m not even a female,” she shared, noting that she never allowed husband Freelin to watch her shave.

My 600 Lb Life Krystal Hall

At the beginning of the episode, Krystal explained that she frequently used food to cope with negative feelings after being molested by a family member as a child. She then shared that she was over 250 pounds by age of 10, 350 pounds by age 13, and 420 pounds when she graduated.

Despite her weight issues, Krystal was able to establish a fairly normal life at home with Freelin and Josh, who she began caring for after her sister, his mom, began using drugs. Sadly, because of her unhealthy habits with food, she eventually began noticing that Josh was mimicking her bad behavior.

“Josh will eat large amounts of food for someone his age and size. I can’t live with myself if he ends up like me. So I know that I have to change,” she said during a confessional. “I have to change before something bad happens to me and food costs me everything.”

My 600 Lb Life Krystal Hall

Once she arrived in Houston to meet with Dr. Now, Krystal was “embarrassed” to find that she was 618 pounds.

“Hopefully you can help me change my life,” she told the doctor.

After taking Dr. Now’s advice in regard to her eating and fitness routines, Krystal arrived for her second meeting in Houston two months later and weighed in at 526 pounds, which was nearly 100 pounds less than where she started. Right away, Dr. Now approved Krystal for weight loss surgery and told her to move to Houston.

Unfortunately, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, her move to Houston was put on hold, and for seven months, she was unable to return to Houston for her follow-up meeting with Dr. Now.

Once Krystal was able to travel back to the area, she admitted to feeling as though she put on weight and discovered she was back up to 579 pounds after a 53-pound weight gain.

After learning Krystal was no longer losing weight, Dr. Now canceled her surgery plans but told her he had faith that she could lose the weight again and vowed to give her a new approval once she did so.

“I can do what he’s asking,” Krystal said in response. “I can move down here and lose the weight I’ve gained by then. It was just hard feeling like I was going nowhere for so long. But things are back on track and I’m excited about that. So I’m going to work hard and whatever I need to make happen to keep moving forward and get surgery, I will.”

At the end of the show, it was revealed that Krystal was back down to 556 pounds after losing 24 pounds but still had 38 pounds more to lose to be approved for surgery. Luckily, her spirits remained high.

“I’m more motivated than ever because I’ve seen a little bit of what I’m capable of and gotten a small taste of how life can get better for me and all of us if I keep making progress,” she explained. “I’m staying focused on what’s ahead and all the possibilities that will be there for me if I stay the course.”

While it is unclear whether or not Krystal has since been able to go under the knife with Dr. Now, social media photos shared over the past several months seem to suggest that she continued to lose weight after filming the show.

In June 2020, she posted the image below of herself and her husband Freelin on Facebook in which the two of them appeared to be visiting a lake.

My 600 Lb Life Krystal and Freelin Hall June 2020

Then, in August, Krystal appeared to be nearly unrecognizable in a selfie shared online.

My 600 Pound Life Krystal Hall August 2020

My 600-Lb Life Star Krystal Hall’s Weight Loss Photos Update From August 2020

In her latest photo, shared earlier this month, Krystal looked happy and confident as she posed alongside her biggest supporter.

My 600 Lb Life Freelin and Krystal Hall February 2021

My 600-Lb Life season nine airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on TLC.