Kenya Moore Blasts Porsha Williams For ‘Getting Caught’ and Using Her as ‘Fall Guy’ in Strippergate RHOA Drama as She Defends Herself Against “Snitching” Claims, Plus She Calls Out Shamea

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Kenya Moore Defends Herself Against "Snitching" Claims As She Blasts Porsha Williams And RHOA Co-Stars On Twitter, Says Don't Do "Private Business" On A Reality Show

Kenya Moore responded to criticism over her “strippergate” investigation, said Porsha Williams is using her to deflect from her own actions, and called her co-stars hypocrites.

As the raunchy February 21 episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode aired, Kenya took to Twitter to defend herself while viewers watched as she was accused of snitching and lying about the wild night.

During the episode, Porsha and several of the other ladies seemingly hooked up (in one form or another) with the male stripper, Bolo, who Kandi Burruss hired to perform at Cynthia Bailey‘s bachelorette party. Though Kenya had a great time during his initial performance, she went to bed while others went into the “dungeon” of the rental house and participated in… rather adult behavior.

Early the next morning, Kenya heard moaning and various other sounds coming from one of the bedrooms and decided to get to the bottom of who was making the noises. Nevertheless, she made it fairly obvious from the beginning that she believed Porsha had sex with the stripper, but once Porsha got wind of the accusation, she accused Kenya of lying.

When a fan claimed on Twitter that Porsha repeatedly uses Kenya as a “fall guy,” Kenya immediately co-signed that notion.

“Porsha is doing the usual getting caught and using Kenya as the fall guy,” the fan account tweeted. Kenya completely agreed, writing, “Every single time.”

She then blasted her co-stars for not being honest about what really went down, especially since they’re filming a reality show and the incident occurred in the cast house.

“See what we are not going to do is accuse me of LYING,” she professed. “If you don’t want your business[,] “private” business out there, then don’t do it on a reality show in the cast house. Did we forget why the dungeon was named the dungeon?”

Kenya also went on to question why it was such a big deal for her to call her co-stars out for their behavior when they would have allegedly done the exact same thing to her if she had been involved in the tryst.

She tweeted, “They roasted me over a crab cake what do you think they would have done if it were me in that room,” followed by “hypocrisy at its best” and “my friendship matters” hashtags.

Kenya was clearly hurt by a comment Porsha recently made when she claimed that Kenya’s friendship “don’t matter” to her anymore. As a result, when a fan called out the former pageant queen for snitching, she referenced the comment to explain why she’s not obligated to protect her co-star.

“Yes I’m loyal but ‘not if my friendship doesn’t matter’ see how this works,” she quipped.

Kenya also wasn’t finished just yet. She also called out Shamea Morton by retweeting a fan’s claim that Shamea didn’t have her story straight when she told Porsha what Kenya had been discussing behind her back.

“[Shamea Morton] couldn’t WAIT to run back and tell her master what Kenya said; then got it wrong on top of that! At least get your lies straight,” she retweeted.

The dramatic Real Housewives of Atlanta episode will continue Sunday, February 28, on Bravo at 8/7c.

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