Dr. Tiffany Moon Reflects on “Toxic Situation” With RHOD Costars, Addresses Brandi’s Claims of Being Uncomfortable, Plus Responds to Fan Who Suggests Kary is a Bad Friend

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RHOD's Dr. Tiffany Moon Reflects on "Toxic Situation" With Costars, Addresses Brandi Redmond's Claims of Being Uncomfortable, Plus Responds to Fan Who Suggests Kary Brittingham is a Bad Friend

Dr. Tiffany Moon looked back on her early exit from The Real Housewives of Dallas cast’s trip to Austin in a series of tweets shared on Tuesday night.

After having a bit of a breakdown amid a group dinner on the latest episode of the Bravo series, Dr. Tiffany spoke about the “toxic situation” she was facing with her castmates while also reacting to Brandi Redmond‘s claims of being uncomfortable around her and addressing a fan who suggested Kary Brittingham was not a good friend.

“I, too, am a huge advocate of the Irish exit,” a fan wrote on March 9 of Tiffany’s decision to leave Austin before their girls’ trip had wrapped.

“Sometimes you’ve just got to leave a toxic situation,” Dr. Tiffany replied.

Tiffany Moon Looks Back on Toxic Situation on RHOD

During the RHOD stars’ cast trip, Brandi admitted to feeling uncomfortable around Dr. Tiffany due to her Asian video scandal of 2020 and noted that she also felt as if she couldn’t be her true self when the anesthesiologist was present.

Even after Dr. Tiffany assured Brandi that she didn’t have to act any certain way when she was near, Brandi couldn’t seem to move past the issue and seemed to expect Dr. Tiffany to say or do something to fix her insecurities.

In response to the ongoing drama she’s faced with Brandi, despite her efforts, Dr. Tiffany told her fans and followers that Brandi’s issues are her own.

“I cannot change that I am Asian,” she wrote. “If that makes you uncomfortable….that’s your problem.”

RHOD Tiffany Moon Can't Chaange That She's Asian

In a third tweet, Dr. Tiffany offered a response to a woman who called Kary out for appearing to peer pressure the mother of two into doing things she isn’t comfortable with on a number of occasions.

“Am I the only one who thinks friends who peer pressure you to jump in pools/lakes when you’ve told them you can’t swim….aren’t good friends?” the woman wondered.

“I tried and tried…” Dr. Tiffany noted of her efforts to appease Kary during season five.

Tiffany Moon Has Tried and Tried With RHOD Cast Mates

Also on Twitter on Tuesday, Dr. Tiffany joked about her sudden exit from Austin.

“Me leaving Austin early after I tried and tried and it’s still not good enough,” she wrote, adding the hashtags, “disengage” and “leave the toxicity.”

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