Jennifer Aydin Addresses RHONJ Cast Shake Up Rumors and Explains Getting So Drunk at Teresa’s Party

by Emily Campbell Comments

Jennifer Aydin Dishes On Her Drunken Incident At Teresa's Party, Admits Husband Bill Is 'Turned-On' When She Drinks And Talks RHONJ Cast Shakeup Rumors

Jennifer Aydin explains why she got so drunk at Teresa Giudice‘s pool party, reveals whether her husband, Bill Aydin, was upset by her drunken behavior, and discusses the rumors about a possible cast shakeup.

On the March 17 episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, fans were shocked by how intoxicated Jennifer seemed to get. She struggled to even drink water from a bottle and then she faceplanted onto the concrete at one point. As a result, her husband had to literally carry her to their car in order to get her home, and she has since admitted to vomiting several times during their trip home.

Nevertheless, the reality star recently explained why she ended up getting so plastered.

“In my defense, I was really hungry when I arrived at Teresa’s house, and I did not want to look like a [pig] and go right to the food when I walked in,” she said on Access Hollywood’s Housewives Nightcap. “And I started mixing alcohol, so it was almost like the perfect storm: empty stomach, mixing alcohols, and just drinking way too much.”

Though viewers have seen Jennifer drink before — and smash a wine glass and point it at co-star Melissa Gorga after a few too many cocktails — she claimed she really doesn’t drink in her day-to-day life. She also revealed that her husband actually “encourages” her to drink.

“Ultimately, what you need to know about me is I actually don’t drink,” she declared. “I don’t drink and [Bill] knows this about me. We’ll go to dinner just him and I, and he’ll be like, ‘Can I get a bottle of wine so you’ll have a glass?’ My glass will be full the whole time and he’ll just drink the whole bottle. So when I drink, for him, it’s an ultimate turn-on. He loves it when I let loose and he encourages me to drink because I drink so rarely.”

She added, “The problem with that is… I don’t know my tolerance. And we all saw what happened when I don’t know my tolerance.”

The mother-of-five is not proud of her behavior at the pool party, and she was concerned about people seeing her in such a state, but she knows the one person who will never judge her is Bill.

“I’ve always felt extremely comfortable being who I am around him,” she said. “I’ve never felt the need to walk on eggshells around him. He’s not gonna get mad at me. He did not get mad at me for getting totally wasted at that party. I think he was hoping he was gonna get lucky, but it backfired.”

The incident may have backfired on Bill, but according to Jen, it likely won’t backfire on her. She admitted that she’s heard the rumors about a possible RHONJ cast shakeup, but she’s fairly confident she’ll keep her spot on the show.

“I heard [the rumors], but I don’t think I’m going anywhere,” she laughed. “You know, ultimately, I always feel that everything happens for a reason, so if they don’t ask for me back, maybe that’s what was meant to be. I’m hoping that’s not the case. I think it would be great if they added [another cast member]. I’m into that… But I did hear that there’s a cast shakeup, but I know nothing about it. I am the bottom of the totem pole; I am the very last to know.”

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