D’Andra Simmons Defends Her Name Change On Twitter And Claims Her Birth Name Is Just As Recognizable, Plus See RHOD Star’s Apology To Mama Dee

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D'Andra Simmons Defends Her Name Change On Twitter And Claims Her Birth Name Is Just As Recognizable, Plus See RHOD Star’s Apology To Mama Dee

D’Andra Simmons is staunchly defending her name change.

On the dramatic March 16 episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas, D’Andra and her mother Dee Simmons got into a heated argument about the reason the star chose to change her last name.

As the cast gathered to celebrate Dr. Tiffany Moon‘s birthday, Jennifer Davis, who is a friend of the group, was a bit curious about D’Andra’s last name because it’s actually her stepfather’s rather than her birth father’s.

“If your stepfather was Glen Simmons, why is your last name Simmons?” Jennifer asked.

Hoping for some support from Mama Dee, D’Andra directed the question to her.

“Mom, I want you to explain to Jen. Why did I change my name?” she said, to which Dee shockingly responded, “Because you said that Simmons can take you a lot further than Callaway can.”

Needless to say, D’Andra clearly wasn’t expecting that response and it didn’t go over well. She first said her mother was “crazy” and then called her a “f*cking b*tch.”

According to Kameron Westcott, the Simmons name is very recognizable in the state of Texas and can be seen on numerous buildings, including colleges and hospitals, but D’Andra insists that’s not why she changed her name and she took to Twitter to defend herself.

“Yes, I got more than a little upset about the conversation around my last name,” she tweeted. “I work very hard in my life and expect nothing gratuitously. I changed my name to honor my stepfather…that is the ONLY reason. Also, for the record Glenn Simmons did in fact raise me.”

A fan then accused the star of telling “white lies” in order to acquire her fame and fortune, but D’Andra promises that’s not the case.

“And not letting D’Andra tell a white lie about her last name when I’m sure we will never know the depth of lies that woman told to get rich,” the fan said, to which D’Andra responded, “My truth is the truth!! I promise!!”

She then honored her original last name by claiming it’s just as recognizable.

“If I was looking to be noticed for a last name I would have kept Callaway,” she declared. “I mean, let’s use some common sense here!!”

Thankfully, the Hard Night Good Morning CEO finally addressed the way she spoke to her now 80-year-old mother, and she publicly apologized for the harsh things she screamed in her direction.

“Note to self, don’t yell at [Mama Dee] like that ever again. I’m sorry,” she tweeted.

The mother and daughter duo have had plenty of issues in the past, and the two have seemingly worked through this blowup as well as Dee took to Twitter the day before the episode aired to wish her “unique” daughter a happy birthday.

“Wishing A Very Happy Birthday to my daughter, who is beautiful and unique,” she sweetly wrote. “I love you and am so proud of you. D’Andra, I’m amazed by the person you’ve become. Watching you grow is a gift from God. I love you so much.”

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