PHOTO: Jennifer Aydin Reunites With Mom After Feud, Shares Update on Their Relationship and Claps Back at Critic Who Claims She Used Family for RHONJ Storyline

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PHOTO: Jennifer Aydin Reconciles With Her Mom After Feud, Shares Update on Their Relationship and Claps Back at Critic Who Claims She Used Family for RHONJ Storyline

Credit: MEGA, Instagram

Jennifer Aydin and her mom, Josephine Altinel, have ended their family feud.

Following months of turmoil between them on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jennifer took to her Instagram page, where she confirmed they’ve “made up” before clapping back at a fan who criticized her for turning their personal drama into a storyline on the show.

“I’m happy to announce that my mother and I made up! People with strong family values find their way back to each other, eventually-time heals all wounds!” Jennifer wrote in a post shared on May 20. “We are in Turkey together enjoying our newest addition, John Brian, who seems to already be obsessed with his Aunt Jenn! I love you, Mommy and I’m sorry that I hurt you. Let’s get this family back together!”

In the comments section of her post, Jennifer was met with several fans and followers who were thrilled by her update.

“So happy to hear the wonderful news. You only have [one] mom and someday you won’t have her around. I lost my mom [seven] years ago and not a day goes by that I don’t wish I could hug her or talk to her,” one person said.

“Agreed!” Jennifer replied.

RHONJ Jennifer Aydin Agrees She Only Gets One Mom After Feud

Jennifer was also met with messages from fans and followers who did not feel that her and her mom’s feud should have been featured on RHONJ.

“Some things just don’t need to be put all over social media. Family issues are personal. Why would you make this issue with [your] mom so public? Why make it [your] storyline?” someone asked.

“I’m on a reality show about my life- so what’s going on in my life- the good, bad and ugly, is what I signed up to show,” Jennifer explained, according to a screenshot shared by Comments by Bravo on Instagram. “Evolution and progress is the goal and I’m ok with sharing it. Not everyone’s got the guts, like me.”

Jennifer Aydin Claps Back at Backlash for Exposing Family Issues on RHONJ

A third person attempted to share where Jennifer was coming from in her decision to share her story with viewers.

“Coming from a Turkish culture is a part of her. Anyone who comes from a Middle Eastern/South Asian culture would understand how much it is a part of you and part of it is your [family’s] beliefs. I completely understand her and don’t think it’s a [storyline] at all. Maybe people just need to open their minds up more,” the person stated.

In response, Jennifer posted a praying hands emoji.

RHONJ Jennifer Aydin Defended Over Mom Storyline Claims

Ahead of part one of the RHONJ season 11 reunion on Wednesday, Melissa took to her Instagram account, where she blasted Jennifer for throwing “her own mother under the bus for TV.”

In response, Jennifer suggested Melissa was envious of her life.

“I share real and authentic stories, not fake, made-up ones. And I see that some people are threatened by that,” she said.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 11 reunion, part two, airs next Wednesday, May 26, at 9/8c on Bravo.