Kathy Hilton Doesn’t Know Who Teddi Mellencamp is, Plus RHOBH Star to Face Off With Former Housekeeper in Court

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Kathy Hilton Doesn't Know Who Teddi Mellencamp is as RHOBH Star Prepares to Face Off With Former Housekeeper in Court

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Teddi Mellencamp may be her sister’s best friend, but according to Kathy Hilton, she doesn’t know her.

After Kyle Richards shared a video of Teddi dancing provocatively on her Instagram page, the newest member of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, who is gearing up for a court battle against her former housekeeper, wondered who the bikini-clad woman was.

In a screenshot of Kyle’s deleted clip shared by Faces by Bravo on Instagram, Kathy asks Kyle, “Who is that dancing?”

RHOBH Kathy Hilton Wonders Who is Dancing in Kyle Richards Video

While Kyle ultimately deleted the video, it’s hard to say whether she did so due to Kathy’s comment or not.

In other RHOBH news, Kathy is headed to trial with her ex-live-in-housekeeper, who she claims was stealing from her, on November 2, 2021.

In court documents obtained by Radar Online, it was noted that Kathy and her husband, Rick Hilton, were taking on Isabel Reina Gonzalez Hernandez, who accused the couple of failing to pay her overtime and not allowing her proper breaks in July 2019.

Her suit read, “DEFENDANTS failed to provide PLAINTIFF with a second meal period or any rest periods as required by law; DEFENDANTS willfully failed to pay PLAINTIFF all wages due after PLAINTIFF’S separation from DEFENDANTS’ employment; and, DEFENDANTS knowingly and intentionally failed to provide PLAINTIFF with accurate wage statements.”

At the time her suit was filed, Isabel sought in excess of $25,000. Then, in their response documents, Kathy and Rick denied her allegations against them, and they also said that if they did owe Isabel anything, it should be offset by “Plaintiffs theft of items from Defendants’ home.”

“Defendants are informed and believe, and based thereon allege, that Defendants are entitled to a complete and/or partial offset against each and every cause of action alleged in the Complaint in an amount to be established at trial, based in part or in whole on Plaintiff’s theft of items from Defendants’ home,” their response explained.

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