Leah McSweeney Claims Heather Thomson ‘Lied About Assault’ and Attacked Her “Mental Health” as She Blasts RHONY Costar in Scathing Posts, Plus She Shares Scar Photo, and Live Viewing Thread

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RHONY's Leah McSweeney Fires Back at "Disingenuous" Heather Thomson, Accuses Her of Spinning Lies to Press and Shares Unedited Boob Scar Photo, Plus Live Viewing Thread

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Leah McSweeney clapped back at Heather Thomson on her Instagram Stories on Monday after seeing that her Real Housewives of New York City castmate had slammed her mouth as “vulgar.”

Hours after Heather accused her of crossing a line by suggesting that a man’s worth is based upon what he is willing to do for his woman, sexually speaking, Leah accused Heather of cringe-worthy behavior and labeled her “disingenuous.”

“Guess her man isn’t an a– eater!! Why the F is she bringing up her kids this is more cringe [than] her behavior on tomorrow’s episode,” Leah wrote in the caption of a screenshot of Heather’s interview with Us Weekly.

RHONY Leah McSweeney Claps Back at Heather Thomson for Slamming Her as Vulgar

The following morning, Leah shared two more Instagram Stories in regard to her drama with Heather, the first of which spoke of a false narrative.

“I am seeing a narrative emerge that I’m not comfortable with and thus feel the need to speak out. Heather was unable to forge natural connections with any of the women and that is why she discontinued filming,” Leah wrote in a message to her fans and followers, explaining the real reason behind Heather’s early exit from production on season 13.

According to Leah, everything Heather has told the press in the past few weeks about her is fiction.

“I took issue with her from the beginning because I’m not a fan of disingenuous people. She says one thing in the press and another to people’s faces. Say what you mean, mean what you say. I never once lied to her or about her,” Leah continued. “It’s no secret that I was having a hard time on this trip due to a tremendous personal loss that I was dealing with in real time. Heather was well aware of this and acknowledged it. I apologized to everyone for being aggressive and squashed it, including with Heather.”

RHONY Leah McSweeney Calls Heather Thomson Disingenuous

Leah went on in a second post shared to her page. She accused Heather of “spinning lies” and “openly attacking [her] mental health” and “sobriety” and noted that Heather had falsely accused her of assault in an effort to “save face.”

“There are some historic issues that we address this season that are far more important than trying to keep Heather relevant which are being clouded over. I’m proud of this season – it was an incredibly tough time to film/there was a lot of heaviness in the air and yet we did it and in our own way,” she noted.

In closing, Leah said Heather ultimately proved her initial thoughts about her were correct.

“The entire reason I took issue with her in the first place has now happened to me/come full circle. She defames women to lift herself up,” she stated.

RHONY Leah McSweeney Claims Heather Thomson Knocks Women Down to Build Herself UP

Also on Instagram on Monday, Leah shared a photo of herself taken by Paper magazine in which she was seen with one of her breasts exposed and her nipple covered with a gold sticker.

A short time later, she shared a second, unedited version of the photo.


“I had wanted the non photoshopped boob photo to be published but accidentally the scar from my boob was edited out. Here it is in all its glory for the sake of transparency. Sorry for clogging your feed today!!” Leah wrote in the caption of the second image.

Following the post, Leah received tons of support from her online audience, including former Vanderpump Rules cast member Stassi Schroeder.

“Gorge. I have the same scars and love seeing women embrace them!!” Stassi shared.

RHONY Leah McSweeney Explains Unedited Boob Scar Photo

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