Woman Sues Lisa Vanderpump’s Dog Foundation, Claims She Expelled “Worms and Eggs” From Body After Adopted Puppy Gave Her “Intestinal Parasites,” Read Disturbing Details of Lawsuit

by Lindsay Cronin Comments
Lisa Vanderpump's Dog Foundation Sued by Woman Claiming Her Adopted Puppy Gave Her "Intestinal Parasites"

Credit: Rachpoot/MEGA

Lisa Vanderpump’s animal rescue center, the Vanderpump Dog Foundation, is being sued by a woman who claims the nonprofit organization lied to her about the health of a female dachshund puppy she adopted from the Los Angeles facility.

In her recently filed complaint, the unnamed woman accuses the foundation of allowing her to adopt the dog, named Cassie, despite the fact that she was reportedly suffering from such a severe worm infection that it led to her being infected with “intestinal parasites.”

According to legal documents obtained by The Blast on July 12, the woman paid $680 for the adoption, which she believed included the “necessary treatments and shots,” and she was told the animal was in “healthy condition.” However, once she arrived home with the puppy, Cassie started behaving erratically and “scooting across the floor” in distress.

Hours later, the woman witnessed Cassie expelling “large live worms while defecating” and immediately called and texted the Vanderpump Dog Foundation, which is the setting of Lisa’s latest reality show, Vanderpump Dogs. After allegedly receiving no response from her contact, the woman rushed Cassie to a pet hospital for treatment of the worm infection.

Unfortunately, the saga wasn’t over, and several days later, after the woman “began to expel live worms and eggs from her mouth, vagina, and anus,” she was diagnosed with “intestinal parasites” and given medication to treat the “severity of the infestation.”

In her lawsuit against the Vanderpump Dog Foundation, the woman claims she was “utterly traumatized” by the ordeal and continues to suffer from severe emotional distress, shock, disgust, and nightmares.

She also says she believes the experience was the direct result of Cassie not receiving the necessary and proper treatment.

In addition to accusing the organization of lying to her about the animal supposedly being in “healthy condition,” the woman also claims they provided a “false immunization record” that claimed Cassie had already been dewormed.

She’s requesting payment of medical expenses, hospital bills, and damages, and she is looking to collect a large amount for her personal “anguish and disgust.”

The Vanderpump Dog Foundation has not yet responded to the complaint.