Wendy Osefo Faces Backlash Over ‘Rehearsed Reads’ and “Zen Wen” Nickname as RHOP Costar Mia Thornton Seemingly Shades Her Candle Line by Launching Her Own

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Wendy Osefo Faces Backlash Over “Zen Wen” Nickname as RHOP Costar Mia Thornton Seemingly Shades Her Candle Line

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Real Housewives of Potomac fans mock Wendy Osefo‘s new nickname as Mia Thornton also throws shade at the professor.

Wendy introduced her new nickname on the July 25 episode, and it seems many viewers aren’t feeling it as they took to Twitter to poke fun at “Zen Wen.”

In fans recall, she first referred to herself as “Zen Wen” while visiting Robyn Dixon’s Embellished warehouse, but she used it a second time during a spat with Mia.

“You can’t tell me how to act this is my demeanor. If you don’t like it you can sit over there,” Mia snarked.

And Wendy clapped back, “I didn’t come for you at Karen’s house because I respect people’s houses, but today I have time. I am Zen Wen, so do not try to come for me because what I do have, and what I will always have, is time. So tick-tock, Mia.”

Following the incident, viewers flocked to Twitter to let Wendy know that “Zen Wen” is not happening.

“Stop trying to make ZenWen happen,” one person tweeted, along with a pic of Mean Girls character Regina George.

Another fan wrote, “Confused about the emphasis on ZenWen. Like, did she display an alarming level of instability that was edited out last season, or…”

“So now we gotta hear [Zen Wen] all season instead of [I have four degrees],” wondered a third person.

Some fans also questioned if Wendy rehearsed her reads/disses to Mia.

“Is it just me or did Wendy’s ‘reads’ sound rehearsed? The whole ‘tik tok’ monologue sounded so rehearsed to me! ???? #RHOP,” wrote one fan.

“Not Wendy with these rehearsed pop offs… girl you do have time, to practice in the mirror clearly #RHOP,” tweeted another viewer.

Meanwhile, Mia took to Instagram to seemingly shade her co-star’s new candle line, Onyi Candles, which Wendy also discussed in the episode.

“‘The Best Revenge is your Paper’— LIMITED EDITION ‘Statement Candles,'” she captioned a photo of a candle, which reads “Don’t F*ck With Me” on one side and “Karma Is A B*tch” on the other.


However, Mia later clarified that she wasn’t just throwing shade as the candle was actually created for an important cause.

“If you think DON’T F*CK WITH ME is a catchy candle, boy are you mistaken,” she explained in a second post. “It’s a movement from Paris that I am supporting. It’s a movement by a community of women who have been through personal hell ranging anywhere from cancer, rape, sexual abuse, personal complexes, diseases, sexuality identification and much more.”

She added, “And that’s what this is about!!! Helping anyone who is going through this challenge.”


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