PHOTO: Is Mia Thornton Admitting Being a Retired Stripper? RHOP Star Seemingly Trolls Wendy Osefo After “Stripper” Allegation, Plus Explains Meeting Husband at Strip Club Charity Event

by Emily Campbell Comments
Mia Thornton Seemingly Trolls Wendy Osefo Following "Stripper" Allegation as RHOP Star Explains Meeting Husband at Strip Club, Plus is Mia a "Retired" Stripper?

Credit: Instagram/Mrs.MiaThornton/WendyOsefo

Mia Thornton is opening up about the unusual place she met her husband, but did she also just confirm she was a stripper while clapping back at Wendy Osefo?

On the July 18 episode of Real Housewives of Potomac, Mia and her husband, Gordon Thornton, revealed they met in a strip club while participating in a newlyweds game with the other RHOP couples. However, at the time, Mia claimed she was simply a bartender at the club, but she didn’t offer many details. Of course, following the surprising revelation, the viewers, along with her co-stars, were left wanting all the juicy details. But according to Mia, their first encounter wasn’t as juicy as one might expect.

“The reason why we became friends is because we partnered and served on the same board for a non-profit organization to raise money for Haiti,” Mia told E! News earlier this week. “We were raising money for the cause. One of the ladies, one of the original founders of the organization, she worked there—not as an entertainer, but in the admin office and so she did use the facility in order to raise money. They serve steak dinners and then the proceeds went to the organization.”

Nevertheless, as fans have likely heard, Wendy is not buying Mia’s story as she took to Twitter to slam the newcomer and accuse her of being a “stripper.”

“First you don’t know your age, then within 24 hours you go from her having a ‘good heart’ to ‘just a pretty face,’ then you say you’re a bartender when we all know you’re a stripper. So many lies… but go off sis,” Wendy tweeted following the episode.

Though Mia clapped back at the time by suggesting the professor is “jealous” and “bothered,” the 36-year-old took things a step further when she posted a jaw-dropping photo on Instagram.

“The freedom to be YOURSELF is a gift only YOU can give yourself [plus] once you do, NO ONE can take it away,” she captioned a topless photo of herself.

Mia also included “authentically yourself” and “wild and free” hashtags, before adding, “Retired Since 2008.”

Wendy has yet to respond to the post, but Karen Huger commented with fire emojis, while Gizelle Bryant wrote, “Yes BODY!”

It’s unclear if she’s confirming Wendy’s allegations — or just taunting her — but the mother-of-three is all about family these days regardless as she gushed over her and Gordon’s blended family while speaking with E! News.

“Gordon is 32 years older than I and we do have grandbabies. We have four beautiful grandbabies,” she shared. “Two are adults moving into the college world, and two are in grade school. Of course, I feel like the two younger ones are actually my birth grandchildren because I actually helped name them. I was there to be a part of their birth and things like that, but it’s been great. We have such a blended family. His kids are phenomenal. His daughter calls me for advice, so it’s just really great. It’s just natural.”

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