Hannah Ferrier Shares Biggest Regret of Below Deck Med, Where She Stands With Captain Sandy and If She’s Watching Show, Plus Scary Encounter On Charter

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Hannah Ferrier Shares Biggest Regret of Below Deck Med, Reveals Where She Stands With Captain Sandy and If She’s Watching Show, Plus Scary Encounter On Charter

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Hannah Ferrier shares her biggest regret from her time on Below Deck Mediterranean before revealing if she’s watching season six and detailing a scary encounter she had with a former boss during her yachting career.

As fans well know, Hannah appeared on the series for five seasons, and in a recent interview, she revealed her biggest regret from her time on the show. And of course, it involves Captain Sandy Yawn.

“I just really tried so hard to turn things around with Sandy, and so at the end of the season, when she was like, ‘This isn’t your passion,’ like, that just crushed my spirit so badly,” she shared  on the Everyone Is Terrible podcast.

She added, “My regret is probably trying to impress someone that was never going to be impressed by me because I took that so hard and I took it so personally.”

Hannah’s still adamant that she will never work with Sandy again, and the last time she spoke with her former co-star was during the season five reunion. But, Sandy has attempted to reach out according to Hannah.

“She sent me a message and she was like, ‘Oh hey, can I grab your address? I want to send a present for your baby,'” the mother-of-one revealed. “I’m like, ‘No mate, I’m good.’ I didn’t respond because I was like, ‘Are you insane?'”

The podcast host, Lian Castillo, then hilariously compared the idea of Sandy sending Hannah a baby gift to Lisa Rinna gifting Kim Richards’ grandchild the infamous bunny on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The Australian native laughed and responded, “I don’t want your bunny!”

Hannah – who was axed by the captain in season five for having Valium and a vape pen on board – also recounted her firing while discussing Sandy.

“The other thing that really annoyed me with the whole firing was that obviously when you’ve been on a TV show for that long, I went outside on the docks to call my lawyer and to call my agent,” she explained. “And [Sandy] came out and then kept going at me. And I’m like, lady you’ve just fired me for drugs, for anti-anxiety medication basically on camera. You know what you are doing as well, like, you’ve done it a few seasons.”

“You know how damaging that’s gonna be to my name,” she continued while recalling the situation. “I was very worried about the backlash of being made to look like a drug addict when I had my anxiety medication on board that everyone knew about.”

As for whether she’s watching season six, Hannah said she’s not, but only because she has no interest in seeing Sandy or Malia White, who is the person who seemingly snitched about Hannah’s so-called drugs. Though Malia has since admitted that she made some mistakes last season, Hannah isn’t buying it.

“Is this your publicist telling you what to say?” she quipped.

Meanwhile, she also shared an extremely scary experience she had with a boss while on charter. In fact, it’s the scariest things that’s ever happened to her.

“I had a boss who was Russian and he kind of fancied me,” she began. “He wanted me to be his sixth wife. He had five wives before that and eight girls. And in the Russian culture, they want a boy, so he wanted me to be his sixth wife and he wanted me to give him a boy. I was very adamant that I did not want to be his sixth wife and I did not want to birth his sixth child.”

“One night he was super, super drunk and he actually grabbed me by my throat and pushed me against the wall and was trying to kiss me,”  she said while describing the horrifying event. “I had my hand covered over my mouth and one of the prostitutes came down and jumped on his back and pulled him off me. So that was the definitely the scariest thing.”