RHOBH Recap: Erika Threatens Sutton With Lawsuit as Sutton Walks Out of Kathy’s Dinner, Plus Sutton Confronts Kyle for Being a Bad “Friend”

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RHOBH Recap: Erika Threatens Sutton and Sutton Walks Out of Kathy’s Dinner, Plus Sutton Confronts Kyle for Being a Bad “Friend”Part two of the dinner party from hell continues on this episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly HillsKyle won’t stop trying to hold Sutton accountable, and Erika won’t stop snarling at Sutton.  Can these friendships be saved? 

Tough-girl Erika is coming in hot and she is even making legal threats against Sutton.

“Would you like to get sued?” Erika asks Sutton at dinner. “If you want to talk about someone else’s health issues and you think that that person isn’t gonna come after you, think again.”

Wait, WTF! Is Erika threatening Sutton with a lawsuit from TOM??? The same Tom that allegedly has dementia and allegedly started stealing from clients due to his dementia from a car accident three years ago… even though he’d already been allegedly stealing for decades? But just in case you had any doubt, Erika makes it crystal clear in her talking head that her threat was indeed about Tom suing Sutton.

“Sutton’s in way over her head. It’s not about me suing her,” said Erika in her interview. “It’s more about, “careful what you say about other people that aren’t here. He ain’t dead and gone honey.”

Well, fingers crossed any criminal investigators are paying attention to this episode. Apparently, Tom is still well enough to sue others for simply asking valid questions!

Dorit jumps in when Erika begins threatening Sutton.  Now they all must worry about being sued for having doubts about Erika’s honesty?  What world is Erika living in? It seems like Erika is trying to flex some muscle when she tells Sutton, “If you ever call me a liar again, I’m coming for you. Trust me.” Sutton is slightly perplexed by Erika’s threatening nature (Is she getting sued? Will there be a horse head on her pillow?), and I am proud of her for trying to remain strong as Erika hisses, “I did not threaten you, I promised you.”

Perhaps Erika should think twice about threatening to sue cuz ya’ll know she can’t afford another legal bill. God bless Kathy for being more concerned about the food than about this fight. How innocent of Kathy to think one could ever get this group together for a civilized meal.

Sutton up and leaves after Erika’s threats, but WHY is Rinna saying sorry to Erika?!  Kiss a*s. Prim and proper Sutton gets real and begins to cry when Garcelle, Kyle, and Kathy run after her to try and get her to stay.  Garcelle explains that what she saw from Erika was “the nastiest thing,” but Kyle suddenly jumping to console Sutton makes me pretty nauseated, too.

Reminder: Kyle was busy stirring the pot and throwing Sutton under the bus at dinner.  Kyle was the one reminding Sutton that she wanted Erika to start telling the truth.  Kyle was the one who got the Erika ball rolling.  When Sutton essentially tells Kyle to back up, Kyle retorts, “I was trying to help her [Sutton] get it out.” Kyle is so annoying- she was part of the reason this entire fight occurred. When Garcelle returns into the dining room after Sutton exits, she lets Erika know her behavior was not cool.

The next morning, Rinna goes over to Garcelle’s house and claims she was too drunk to remember exactly what happened between Sutton and Erika. As Garcelle puts it, “Erika lost her sh*t.” Things got bad, and I am having a hard time believing Rinna doesn’t remember/seeing this unfold. Rinna feigns surprise and disappointment, but Garcelle is really the one who is bummed.

Garcelle comes out and says how she feels like an outsider.  She states that she does not feel as if Rinna looks out for her. Rinna claims otherwise (of course), but Garcelle reminds her of two instances when Rinna could have had her back. Rinna explains that her loyalty is “to the truth…” her truth (LOL) and that she does not intervene when it’s not her fight (LOL again).

Because Rinna feels attacked, she begins nitpicking Garcelle’s behavior. Rinna calls out the fact that Garcelle never texted a thank you for the dropped off Harry Hamlin sauce, and Garcelle can barely believe her ears.  Rinna states that they both can do better in their friendship.

In the meantime, Kyle meets Sutton at Bonhams for a preview sale.  This place is full of ridiculous jewelry and auction pieces that only the wealthiest population can afford. Member when Erika called Sutton small town? LOL at that now, Erika…look at how RICH Sutton is.

Kyle explains why she was all up on Sutton at the dinner party, and Sutton becomes infuriated when Kyle calls her two-faced. Hello–Kyle is one of the most two-faced women in the group! Sutton lets Kyle know that she talks too much (like Dorit) and walks away from Kyle to cool off. But really, whose side is Kyle on?! Kyle should just butt out and stop demanding Sutton to own it and be honest. Loving when Sutton calls Kyle a friend in quotes.  What friend throws you under the bus?! Hopefully, Sutton has learned that Kyle cannot be trusted…

Sutton states that everyone is afraid of Erika, and she always gets stuck asking tough questions.  Kyle claims she doesn’t want Sutton’s anger misdirected at her, but really, Sutton is allowed to be angry at Kyle.

Later, Dorit and PK celebrate date night (after a very long-winded toast made by Dorit) and they start to discuss Erika and Tom. PK finds it curious that Erika has not made a statement about the victims and that she is posting inappropriate photos on her social media.  PK reminds Dorit that what Tom is accused of isn’t “alleged” and that Erika needs to send out the right message because right now she looks like she doesn’t care. PK suggests Erika change up her brand, as it’s not a good look– and he should know how to handle these situations…since he has gone through past bankruptcy. PK speaking truths!

It’s the night of Garcelle’s Haitian dinner, and she is opening her home and her culture in hopes of the ladies getting to know her better. Side note: Explain to me how Erika is still able to have a hair and makeup team, but there are victims who are owed money?

Rinna is the first to arrive to the party and Dorit surprises the girls by not showing up last for once. When Sutton walks in, things turn awkward, and Erika shoots her ice cold glares. Kathy is, unfortunately, not attending the dinner, but it must go on.  Garcelle invites the women to dine on traditional Haitian dishes, and Rinna claims the food is not what she’s “used to…” (because let’s be real, it’s doubtful she eats much of anything). All of the women are great sports and have tried various specialties and just when you think the evening went off without a hitch, Kyle does it again.

Kyle throws Sutton under yet another bus in front of the girls. They bicker about their “friendship” and Erika is evidently so bored of this fight (or anything having to do with Sutton for that matter) that she legit sits at the dinner table scrolling through the NY Times app.  I can’t.

After dinner, the wheels start falling off. The secret meeting sans Erika gets brought up again, and instead of diving into the uncomfortable situation, a few of the ladies decide it would be best to leave Garcelle’s.

Crystal, Sutton, Kyle, and Garcelle are left and shockingly, Kyle stays with the “outsider” group to discuss the situation.  Sutton doesn’t care if she ever gets an apology from Erika and she explains that the victims deserve an apology way more than she does. Kyle keeps sticking to this “if you say something and you put it out there” it has to be said mantra, but Garcelle perfectly reminds Kyle that she is a straight hypocrite.  Kyle tries to say that if there’s an issue, it should be said immediately, but that was certainly not the case at the reunion with her and Garcelle last season. So very tired of Kyle stirring the pot and then hoping for an end to the drama.

Crystal lets Sutton know that there is no hope of resolution for Erika and Sutton and that acting cordially is the only future for them. Crystal tells Kyle that a band aid fix ain’t gonna work and Erika and Sutton just are not friends.  Period. There goes the band, huh?