RHONY Alum Bethenny Frankel Fires Back at Claims of Transphobia After She’s Slammed for Comments About Pronouns on Her Podcast

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RHONY Alum Bethenny Frankel Fires Back at Claims of Transphobia After She's Slammed for Comments About Pronouns on Her Podcast

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Bethenny Frankel is firing back at backlash over supposedly “transphobic” comments she made on Just B With Bethenny.

After discussing pronouns and gender identity on the latest episode of her podcast, the 50-year-old Real Housewives of New York City alum was accused of making “offensive and disgusting” statements as she confirmed she’s not afraid of cancellation and doubled down on what was said.

“I did a Zoom for my daughter’s school and [had] the pronouns conversation with each teacher, each parent, each child,” Bethenny said, according to a report from Page Six. “And my daughter says in school, too, that everybody has to say their pronouns.”

“My daughter didn’t even know what hers were … [She said], ‘I know what I am or what I think I am, but I have never said it out loud. It hasn’t come up for me.’ So she said she didn’t know,” Bethenny continued of her 11-year-old daughter, Bryn, who she shares with ex-husband Jason Hoppy.

Bethenny then recalled a summer camp story, saying that parents were upset to learn that a transgender girl was present.

“It’s an all-girls camp and a person with a penis, who identifies as being a girl, went to the camp and was in the bunk with the girls. And the girls saw her — because it’s her, because it’s a male anatomy but identifying as a woman — so the other girls saw a penis. They’re 9, 10 years old, so the parents obviously weren’t that happy,” she explained, adding that she was told the child had been “making out with a lot of different girls at the camp.”

According to Bethenny, Bryn has a solid understanding of pronouns and gender identity. However, if presented with the idea of allowing her to attend summer camp with a transgender child, Bethenny may not be on board.

“But she also hasn’t seen a penis. So, in a camp, she’d see girl parts so I think these conversations are also fluid,” she said. “It’s an interesting conversation about a girl, female anatomy being in a male anatomy bunk or vice versa.”

Bethenny also questioned the inclusion of transgendered children in school sports and suggested gender identity may be a “phase” for some.

Understandably, many were put off by the comments and took to Twitter to voice their frustrations.

“Hi Beth! I was going to quote the transphobic language you used in the horrific intro to this episode, but it’s too hurtful to even put it in writing,” one user shared. “Maybe do the bare minimum of research before you speak to your audience?”

Another wrote, “This rant was completely offensive and disgusting. How dare she.”

Amid the backlash, Bethenny reacted with a series of tweets of her own.

“Ok I’m going to attempt sleep. My new book cover shoot is in the am [and Page Six] says I’m transphobic so it must be true…or listen to [Just B podcast and] decide for yourself. Gotta sell papers,” she wrote in her first of many posts.

RHONY Bethenny Frankel Reacts to Transphobia Allegations

Then, after being accused of being “wrong with [her] comments,” Bethenny suggested that certain Twitter critics may not have actually heard the podcast.

“Listen to the podcast. Then comment,” Bethenny advised. “I was absolutely not wrong. And I’m going to discuss this again this week. Thankfully I have a platform to clarify what the media loves to distort. P.S. I’m not afraid of cancelation so not afraid of charged discussions.”

RHONY Bethenny Frankel Isn't Afraid of Being Canceled

While many felt that Bethenny was downright “wrong” and called for her to apologize for being “ignorant,” Bethenny would not take back her statements. Instead, she said she was “doubling down.”

“I didn’t do one thing wrong,” Bethenny told one particular person. “Conversations are healthy. Try it. Doubling down. I’m not a celeb who panics in fear of cancelation [because] I didn’t say something precisely how you needed to hear it. I don’t have a transphobic bone on my body so take it elsewhere. Watch Handmaid’s Tale.”

RHONY Bethenny Frankel Doubles Down After Transphobia Claims


Bethenny appeared on The Real Housewives of New York City from seasons one through three and again from seasons seven through 11.