RHOSLC’s Meredith Marks Addresses Alleged Louis Vuitton Email About Jen Shah, Fires Back at Claims of Lying About Jen Being Flagged

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RHOSLC’s Meredith Marks Fires Back at Claims of Lying About Jen Shah Being Flagged at Louis Vuitton, Explains Why Redemption Tip is Not CredibleMeredith Marks is fighting back after a source suggested that her claims about Jen Shah being flagged by Louis Vuitton are untrue.

After Meredith said on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City that Jen had been flagged for using cash, an insider came forward, claiming that Meredith was “spreading fake lies.” A short time later, Meredith responded to the diss on her Instagram Story.

In a post shared on November 28, Meredith directly responded to the Deux Moi tip.

“Yes I am aware that people normally send info anonymously. Their Instagram says, ‘Statements made on this site have not been independently confirmed. This account does not claim any information published is based in fact,'” she began.

Meredith went on to state that the submission sent to Deux Moi seemed suspicious, considering the tip included “improper grammar” and was written in an effort to “out” another one of their customers.

“The message that was [purported] to be sent by [Louis Vuitton] was written with improper grammar and tried to ‘out’ another customer. I highly doubt that it was written by anyone at [Louis Vuitton] and could have been submitted by anyone based on the fake email address,” she continued. “Thus, my issue is that it seems a bit unusual that anyone (especially someone who knows this) would post this as a defense with a caption ‘don’t believe the lies.'”

RHOSLC Meredith Marks Responds to Deux Moi Report About Jen Shah Louis Vuitton Post

After Meredith attempted to shut down the Deux Moi report as false, the Instagram account fired back at her claims by sharing a series of their own posts on their Instagram Story.

In one post, someone who claimed to work for Louis Vuitton said that the message defending Jen was “definitely sent from someone that works there.”

In another, the outlet offered a statement of their own.

“I am going to address this email [because] there seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding it. I understand that not everyone understands how this account works but the fact that people thought the email posted in this submission was a real email is hilarious. I would NEVER post a real email address. The form on my website automatically generates a spot for someone to submit their email and most of the time everyone uses a fake one,” they explained.

Source Denies RHOSLC Jen Shah is Flagged in Louis Vuitton System

As RHOSLC fans may have seen, Jen reposted the submission sent to Deux Moi, which noted that she is not flagged, as Meredith claimed on the show, and confirmed the brand doesn’t flag people for paying in cash. In turn, Meredith shared a screenshot of the message on her own page, which showed that the email the tip came from was a “fake email address.”

“What I would not do is post info from a fake email and pretend that it’s truth from [Louis Vuitton],” she wrote, according to a post shared by Queens of Bravo on Instagram.

RHOSLC Meredith Marks Slams Jen Shah's 'Not Flagged' Claim as Fake

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