Noella Bergener Accuses Husband James of Not Seeing Son or Paying Her Support as RHOC Star Offers Update on Divorce, and Says She’s Still in “Hell”

by Lindsay Cronin
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Noella Bergener Accuses Husband James of Not Seeing Son or Paying Her Support as RHOC Star Offers Update on Divorce, and Says She's Still in "Hell"Noella Bergener took to her Instagram page on Sunday, where she shared a sneak peek at this week’s new episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County and opened up about her split from husband James Bergener.

As she posted a clip in which she was seen discussing her husband’s divorce filing with co-star Nicole James, Noella explained how James ended their marriage. Then, she noted that he has not seen their son since nor has he given her any sort of reason for his filing.

“BRUTAL to relive… [five] months ago my husband and partner of [six] years left the house with his toothbrush leaving behind his life, family and home. He ended our marriage with a service of divorce papers from Puerto Rico. Which he doesn’t qualify for since we are California citizens and nothing untoward happened in our marriage there,” Noella shared on December 19.

According to Noella, who was added to the RHOC cast in June, things had been tense between her and James in the weeks leading up to his filing because she had learned online that he owed $5.8 million in back taxes.

The couple also argued about the potential sale of their vacation home, which Noella hoped to unload in an effort to pay off James’ debts.

“To this date James has not visited our son or giving me any explanation for his departure. He has fled the state to evade service. My cards are still shut off, he hasn’t paid a dime in support, he stopped paying for our home and is currently holding up our divorce unless I sign a statement saying that I lied about him, his business partner and his brand,” Noella continued. “I spoke nothing but the truth and have all the receipts. If anything I really protected my husband by not speaking about his issues but rather focused on my journey in this now divorce. He is the father of my child and want him to be well.”

Noella went on to say that she chose to move forward with her role on RHOC despite her divorce because it was the only thing getting her out of bed. She also hoped to help others dealing with similar circumstances.

“I realize there are three sides to every story. I have asked him to give an explanation through a 3rd party to provide insight which he has repeatedly declined. Everything I’ve said and am saying are FACTS. Thank you for your continued support and prayers for my family. I don’t wish to encourage James bashing with this post. Just providing insight to the hell I am still in,” Noella concluded.

In the RHOC sneak peek, Noella admitted to Nicole that she was unaware of her husband’s whereabouts.

“Yesterday, I was served divorce papers. Today, I don’t even know where he is,” she shared.

Noella later told her castmate that the divorce papers were served to her mother by a process server who threw them in her face and noted that she was looking for James to turn her credit cards back on so she could pay her bills, take care of their son, and pay for his therapy.

The Real Housewives of Orange County season 16 airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.