Dr. Jen Armstrong’s Husband Ryne is Missing From Her Instagram After Divorce Talks on RHOC, Has Couple Split After Exposing Their Marriage Drama?

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Dr. Jen Armstrong's Husband Ryne is Missing From Instagram After Divorce Talks on RHOC, Has the Couple Split After Exposing Their Marriage Drama?

Dr. Jen Armstrong hasn’t shared any photos of her husband, Ryne Holliday, for quite a while.

Following a tense conversation between the two of them on the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, which Jen followed up with a chat about divorce with Heather Dubrow, fans have taken notice of an obvious absence of Ryne on Jen’s Instagram page.

As reported by Radar Online on February 17, Jen hasn’t shared any photos of Ryne since back in December, when her final image of her spouse appeared in a throwback with their then-newborn son.

On Wednesday night’s episode of RHOC, things turned dark between Jen and Ryne as she attempted to have a serious conversation with him about some challenges she was facing at work. As fans will recall, Ryne wasn’t willing to have the emotional chat with his wife and instead stormed off and packed his bags.

Following the spat, Jen was seen riding to a party with Heather and opening up about her marriage problems.

“Ryne packed his bags and left last night,” Jen shared. “I feel completely alone right now.”

According to Jen, she didn’t feel hurt by Ryne storming off, but instead, she felt as if he was trying to humiliate her.

“It’s like he totally humiliates me. I need a divorce,” Jen stated.

Then, after Heather attempted to talk her down, Jen made it clear that Ryne’s behavior was not something she was willing to accept in her marriage.

“Yes. I don’t want to do this,” she told her castmate. “I don’t want to feel like this ever again.”

Just after sharing the throwback photo of Ryne and their son at the end of December, Jen was seen seemingly celebrating the New Year without him. That said, she did include several throwback images of the two of them with their family along with her solo celebration pic.

Before that, Jen shared an image of Ryan with their kids on Christmas and another of the day after Christmas, when the two of them hit the beach.

While Jen has admitted that she and Ryne took some time apart after wrapping filming on the 16th season of RHOC, she confirmed to Page Six last week that the two of them were back together.

“After you’ve been together 12 years and have been through so much stuff — to hell and back together so many times — you almost forget that the other person wants to have fun and have lighthearted conversations and go out. So, we’ve been doing a lot of that, and it’s actually been enjoyable,” she revealed.

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