RHOC’s Dr. Jen Armstrong Shares Update With Husband Ryne After Drama, Questions “Legitimacy” of Noella’s Words, and Suggests Ramona “Absolutely” Got a Facelift

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RHOC's Dr. Jen Armstrong Shares Update With Husband Ryne, Questions the "Legitimacy" of Noella Bergener's Words, and Suggests Ramona Singer "Absolutely" Got a Facelift

Dr. Jen Armstrong opened up about her marriage to husband Ryne Holliday on Wednesday’s Watch What Happens Live.

Following a number of tense moments between the two of them on The Real Housewives of Orange County, Jen admitted that the show has been helpful, even though Ryne “does not watch,” questioned Noella Bergener‘s truth, and suggested that Ramona Singer has had more work done than she admits.

“It first hurts and then helps. There’s nothing like a microscope and 40 cameras on your relationship,” Jen admitted on the February 9 episode of WWHL. “I think it has been very healing for our relationship… To see it in that, such a spotlight, you’re like, ‘We have to change something.’”

As for Ryne storming off on Jen amid Wednesday’s RHOC, Jen said that emotional conversations have never been easy.

“So we never really had a great relationship with him supporting me emotionally and so then he’s like, ‘We’ve never succeeded in this conversation and now we have cameras on it, showing that we can’t succeed at this conversation.’ But walking out I think made it a million times worse, as it always does,” she explained. “I’m a very strong personality. I think it’s challenging for him.”

Although the couple went through a challenging time amid season 16, Jen said they are doing “pretty good” today.

“We’re in a way better place,” Jen confirmed. “Way better… [Ryne] wants to bolster our relationship. He’s been doing loving things every day.”

Jen didn’t just butt heads with Ryne on the show. She also feuded with Noella on several occasions and said on WWHL that she doesn’t give a lot of weight to Noella’s words.

“Whenever I speak to Noella, I cannot get a straight answer,” she shared. “It’s over here, it’s over here, it’s one thing. It’s another thing. So I question the legitimacy of pretty much everything she says, not just her marriage.”

She then accused Noella of making a fuss about being tagged in her photo as a “ploy for attention.”

“I think she was trying to get attention by saying it was such a big deal that there was a picture of me tagged with her on it. I have somebody who does the social. I didn’t tag them,” Jen revealed. “I think they tagged Noella, they tagged [Nicole James], it was us three, being the new people.”

Also on the show, Jen was asked to rank the Real Housewives on their looks. And while she joked that Ryne was number one, she also applauded several others, including her number two, Lisa Barlow, for aging well and having a “very good jawline,” and her number three, Kenya Moore, for looking “so natural.”

Jen then said she believes her number fours, Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton, are “aging very naturally” and “don’t look like they’ve had work done,” and that her number five, Ramona, has “absolutely” had a facelift.

“There’s nothing in a bottle that this woman is doing. This is syringes and scalpels 100 percent but she chose a good doctor,” Jen stated.

Meanwhile, on the WWHL: After Show, Jen defended Heather Dubrow against claims of showing off by taking their group with her on her hunt for a vacation property in Mexico.

“I think being excited about something and being a showoff [are] two different things,” she explained. “I think Heather has been very generous to the cast and to everybody that’s part of her life… I mean, she flew us all down there private, to go to Cabo. So that’s not really like showing off. That’s like, ‘You’re just invited.’ So that’s cool.”

The Real Housewives of Orange County season 16 airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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