Lisa Barlow is Tired of Getting Blamed for Everything on RHOSLC, Reacts to Fan Saying Heather Contributes Nothing to Show as Tamra Judge Weighs in

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RHOSLC's Lisa Barlow Complains She's Blamed for Everything, Reacts to Fan Saying Heather Contributes Nothing to Show as Tamra Judge Weighs in

Lisa Barlow had a lot to say on social media amid last night’s first installment of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season two reunion.

As fans watched as Heather Gay went in hard at Lisa, not only for the things she said about Meredith Marks but also her supposedly fake lifestyle and alleged efforts to have Jennie Nguyen do her dirty work, Lisa complained about being blamed “for everything.” Lisa also seemingly shaded Jen Shah as disloyal and suggested Whitney Rose starts “90% of the drama.”

“I don’t stir pots – we all know I don’t cook,” Lisa began saying on February 27, via Queens of Bravo on Instagram.

Lisa Barlow Says She Doesn't Stir Pots on RHOSLC

Meanwhile, on Twitter, after a fan said they were “so tired of everyone blaming [her] for everything,” Lisa agreed, saying, “Same. Same.”

RHOSLC Lisa Barlow is Tired of Being Blamed for Everything on RHOSLC

Lisa also said on Twitter that when it comes to her statements on RHOSLC, she can always back herself up.

“Oh [Lisa Barlow] has got receipts!” a fan proclaimed.

“All of them – If I say it ; expect back up,” Lisa replied.

RHOSLC Lisa Barlow Says She Always Has Receipts

As for the behavior of her castmates on Sunday’s episode, Lisa responded to a very telling post from a fan.

“Heather goes hard for Lisa because she contributes nothing else to this show! Without this one-sided feud, she has nothing except her awful religion storyline to work with!” the person said.

In response, Lisa posted a purple heart emoji.

Lisa Barlow Seemingly Agrees Heather Gay Has No Storyline on RHOSLC

Lisa then shared a series of messages from a fan on her Instagram Story, in which the fan made a number of statements about the episode, first slamming Heather for attacking Lisa one minute and telling her she loved her the next.

“Nobody lets Lisa speak.. ever,” another post stated.

“[Jen] Shah wants everyone to be soooo loyal to her but doesn’t give that loyalty back,” said another.

The fan also said, “Heather literally talks over everyone,” and they added, “Whitney acts like she doesn’t start 90% of the drama by stirring the pot.”

Lisa Barlow Seemingly Agrees Heather Gay Has No Storyline on RHOSLC

Amid the RHOSLC reunion, Tamra Judge, formerly of The Real Housewives of Orange County, shared her thoughts.

After Tamra wrote, “Pot stirring is [a part] of the job. Some are just better at it than others. From one pot stirrer to another, Lisa does a great job,” a funny fan suggested “The Lisa Barlow Collection” of spoons (to stir the pot) was “coming this fall.”

And, after seeing the potential collection, Lisa posted a couple of purple heart emojis.

RHOSLC Lisa Barlow Reacts to Tamra Judge Calling Her a Pot Stirrer

In another tweet, Tamra seemingly compared Lisa to herself.

“People hate Lisa for doing her job and want her gone but the second she’s gone, you’ll be begging her to come back. Sounds familiar…” Tamra wrote.

RHOC Tamra Judge Says Lisa Barlow is Doing Her Job on RHOSLC

Also on Twitter, Tamra responded to the Queens of Bravo on Twitter after the fan page wrote, “Lisa Barlow mouthing along to Andy reading the text message is everything I wanted from this reunion.”

“She was made for reality TV,” Tamra agreed.

RHOC Tamra Judge Thinks Lisa Barlow Was Made for TV

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season two reunion continues this Sunday, March 6, at 8/7c on Bravo.

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