Southern Charm’s Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo Are Moving in Together! Plus, Craig Reveals His Adderall Addiction Led to “Disordered Eating”

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Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo Are Moving in Together! Plus, Craig Reveals His Adderall Addiction Led to “Disordered Eating”

Winter House stars and couple Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo are about to take their relationship to the next level…at least temporarily.

Craig and Paige met on the first season of Bravo’s Winter House and hit it off almost immediately, announcing their relationship mere months later. Craig has often made appearances on Paige’s show Summer House. However, after wrapping season 2 of Winter House, Craig knew that he and Paige didn’t want to not “wake up without” each other anymore.

“Fortunately, when we got out of the [Winter House] house, we actually flew to Mexico together and then spent a couple more weeks together,” Craig told the outlet. “We don’t really want to do this long-distance thing anymore. Like it was great for a while, but after getting to spend so much time together, we really didn’t like waking up without the other.”

So, what’s next? Per People, Craig has just revealed to that Paige, whose primary residence is NYC, is moving down to Charleston temporarily this summer where they can really live as a couple.

Craig said he’s trying to make his home less of a “bachelor” pad as much as he can.

“I’m having a ton of stuff done to my house, and she’s definitely got an input on all those new changes, which really excites me,” The Southern Charm star said. “I’m getting it ready to live in with a partner.”

Although the living situation may be temporary the twosome already have their eyes set on the future, even going as far as talking about moving in together permanently, about marriage, family, and children.

“We’re excited to move in together eventually. That’s definitely the direction we’re headed,” Craig continued.

All things are looking love and rainbows for the couple, but Craig has recently opened up about dealing with his past demons stemming from his addiction to Adderall. He’s now revealing to ShowBiz Cheatsheet, that it also ended up causing him to deal with “disordered eating.”

Craig told the site, “I’ve never explained this, but you know, I eat soup like every day,” he divulged. “I love soup, but everyone laughs at it. But it comes from my Adderall days because you don’t have an appetite at all. The only thing that I could consistently eat was soup.”

Craig’s addiction to the prescription drug dates back to his high school years in order to help him keep up his GPA, but by adulthood and his subsequent casting on Southern Charm, his use had “spiraled” out of control.

“I was prescribed two 20s (mgs), which was too much. So I would break them into 15s for years. Which meant I was taking under my dose. Then I started taking that third dosage in the afternoon or that evening. Then I kind of just went from there. And then all of a sudden, I was running out by the end of the month, which was not a great feeling,” the reality star confessed.

Craig’s Southern Charm co-stars eventually caught on to his Adderall usage and were concerned during the show’s season 7 finale.

“I like the tank top, man,” Whitney Sudler-Smith said to Craig. “Shows off the progress in the gym.”

Another cast member, Leva Bonaparte added, “I told him it’s the healthiest he’s ever looked.”

Craig thanked Whitney and that’s when he admitted to taking Adderall. “I took all the amphetamines out of my life. It was so easy to be skinny.”

Southern Charm favorite and alum Cameran Eubanks has also previously expressed her concern for Craig in the past before departing the show.  “I think Adderall, yes it is prescribed,” she said. “But when you abuse it, you mix it with alcohol. And then you mix it with having no sleep, that is a recipe for f***ing disaster.”

“Looking back at those times I was in denial because you’re like, ‘Craig, you’re chasing down pills.’ And yeah, that’s addict behavior,” he said.

We’re just happy to see Craig’s health and love-life are finally looking healthy and bright.