Craig Conover Shares Where He Stands With Cameran Eubanks After She Called Him Out, Discusses Being Disciplined By Andy Cohen at Southern Charm Reunion and Admits He Was “Drunk” at Taping

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Craig Conover Admits He Was “Drunk” At Southern Charm Reunion, Reveals Where He Stands With Cameran Eubanks After Claiming They Don’t Talk, Plus He Discusses Being Disciplined By Andy Over Reunion Behavior

Craig Conover is addressing his bizarre behavior at the Southern Charm reunion.

While appearing on Amanda Hirsch‘s podcast on March 2, Craig looked back at the comment he made about his relationship with Cameran Eubanks before discussing the discipline he received from Andy Cohen and sharing details about the wild night he had with Shep Rose and Austen Kroll prior to the taping.

“I don’t know why I said that. It’s not that I blacked out or anything. I just, I don’t know where that came from,” Craig admitted on Dear Media’s Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast of the claims he made regarding his supposed estrangement from Cameran. “I read it somewhere and I was like, ‘What did I say?’ Cam and I still talk a lot. Obviously, after everything that happened in the beginning of filming, it slowed down a little bit. But for the last few months, her and I have been in the same communication that we were always in.”

“I texted her and I apologized,” he continued. “I was like, ‘Cam, I honestly have no idea what I was talking about, but it’s my fault for being so intoxicated. So I take full responsibility,’ And she was like, ‘I don’t hold grudges, Craig, it’s fine.’ We love each other.”

As Craig went wild at the reunion, accusing Madison LeCroy of sleeping with a married ex-MLB player, Andy was forced to shush him in an effort to regain control of the room. Looking back, Craig said he was coming in a bit hot when it came to his actions against his cast mates.

“I’m not used to Andy disciplining me,” Craig shared. “Andy was telling me to relax and you definitely listen to him because he, he doesn’t do that. He’s there to facilitate the conversation and when he was like, ‘Craig, you need to calm down a little bit.’ I was like, ‘F*ck, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck. I am coming in way too hot.’”

Although Craig may have been a bit over-the-top, he felt it necessary that he speak his mind.

“The reunion is a great place to air your grievances and I’ve always been a truth-teller,” he explained. “I just was ready to clear the air. I definitely speak the truth but it’s usually in a much calmer, subtle way. I’m a positive person. I like to lift people up and I definitely don’t like to be around all that negativity. I think that’s where the frustration was, was that this stuff had been going on for so long that I just had it. I was like, ‘I’m not going to play this smoke and mirrors game anymore.'”

While Craig went into the reunion wanting to set the record straight, he did so after drinking quite a lot of Rosé.

“I was pretty drunk. I was definitely more drunk than I should be on television, but [no drugs]. The last time I took Adderall, I think it was two years ago. It was just drinking,” he insisted.

In addition, he continued, he had a wild night with the guys of the show beforehand.

“I flew in a little later and Shep was like, ‘Craig, come down to Austen’s room. I’m making him watch the last four episodes of the season,’ because he was still in kind of denial about stuff. And so it ended with him and I on the floor of the hotel with our backs against the bed, watching TV, just passing, you know, a bottle of bourbon back and forth,” Craig recalled.

Craig also said that he was frustrated at Austen for failing to stand up for himself in the way he felt necessary.

“I’m not going to sit back and hope someone else takes care of business. I had stuff to say [and] I was provoked,” Craig added.

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