RHOBH’s Diana Jenkins Defends Herself Against Ties to Jeffrey Epstein Claims, Puts “Ridiculous” Madam Rumors to Rest

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RHOBH's Diana Jenkins Defends Herself Against Ties to Jeffrey Epstein Claims, Puts "Ridiculous" Madam Rumors to Rest

Diana Jenkins has yet to make her debut on the 12th season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. But already, she’s facing controversy.

In addition to being targeted by a photo that seemed to feature her standing alongside not only former president Donald Trump, but also convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, the newest full-time cast member of the Bravo reality star has been hit with claims that suggest she’s a madam.

In a series of posts shared to her Instagram page earlier this week, Diana addressed both of these reports, starting with the years-old photo shared on Twitter.

“They forgot the part about the Room 23 Book being a front for celebrity prostitution and also forgot to include the picture below. She spent a LOT of time with Jeffrey Epstein,” an account called “Enty” wrote of Diana in the caption of the image in November 2021.

But according to Diana, who Erika Jayne recently described as “very cool” with “an incredible story,” the woman seen in the photo is not her.

“When these [men] were doing whatever they were doing I was [a] broke a– refugee in London with no passport no name no country no family no one to help me. Surviving on barley any food. Sending whatever I could to my parents in Bosnia to survive. Working [three] jobs to put my self to college,” Diana declared on Instagram.

She then targeted the person behind the Twitter account, saying, “You knew the truth and yet you did this. F-ck you for putting me in the same bag with this monster,” and revealing that the woman in the picture, which was taken in 1997 at a Victoria’s Secret party, is Ingrid Seynhaeven.

RHOBH Diana Jenkins Defends Herself After Jeffrey Epstein Photo

In another post shared to her Instagram page, Diana included a video of Dr. Haris Silajdžić, the former President of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who named her as his “honorary advisor” and said she was a “sponsor of multiple projects designed to help those in need.”

“Let’s put ridiculous madam rumors to rest once and for all,” she began in the caption. “This is the first time I am speaking on this subject. Fake news are powerful tool in hands of an enemy. I spent my adult life fighting for human rights and bringing war criminals to justice. Serbia aggression on Bosnia and Herzegovina brought devastation to so many families and my entire country . It brought so much misery to my family and me. My brother lost his life defending democracy. No different to what Russia and Putin are doing to Ukraine. In the name of all the victims My decision was to fight them in international courts.”

According to Diana, she felt that she had “won” when all was said and done. However, as Dr. Silajdžić explained, Serbian authorities came after her for defending her country and attempted to assassinate her character with a false narrative.

“I payed the price with these fake rumors designed to assassinate my character and discredit me from world politics and speaking on Bosnia and Herzegovina behalf. Sadly for them it was in vain. Bosnia and Herzegovina is in my heart and my soul and I will always proudly represent,” she concluded.

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