RHODubai’s Caroline Stanbury Shares New Update on Pregnancy Plans, Daughter’s Thoughts on Baby, and Talks Married Life With Sergio

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RHODubai's Caroline Stanbury Offers Sad Update on Pregnancy Efforts, Shares Daughter's Baby Thoughts, and Talks Married Life With Sergio

Caroline Stanbury confirmed on Wednesday’s Real Housewives of Dubai episode that she was planning to carry the first child of her husband Sergio Carrallo, despite the dangerous complications she faced amid her pregnancies with daughter Yasmine, 16, and twins Aaron and Zac, 12.

Now, months after their December 2021 wedding, which was recently seen on the show, Caroline, 46, has offered an update on her baby plans with Sergio, 27, revealing the process of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) hasn’t exactly been going as planned.

“We have one [embryo] on ice—a baby boy,” Caroline revealed to E! News on July 28. “Sadly, I did another round, and none of them were viable.”

Following the upsetting development, Caroline’s doctor advised her to avoid alcohol.

“We’re going to try for another round when we leave for the summer to at least get two eggs on ice. When we put them in? I don’t know,” she explained.

As her pregnancy journey continues, Caroline admitted that when it comes to her kids, namely Yasmine, who she shares with ex-husband Cem Habib, they aren’t exactly thrilled about the idea of welcoming a new baby into the family.

“She’s like they’re annoying…absolutely not,” Caroline joked of Yasmine’s thoughts on babies. “I don’t blame her. She’s a teenage girl. What does she want with a baby?”

Continuing on, Caroline suspected her children don’t realize the timeline she’s facing.

“I don’t think they’ve understood the time limit on my body,” she noted. “They sort of just think about his age. I’m like, ‘I cannot be the oldest woman on the planet giving birth.'”

As for how married life has been with husband Sergio, Caroline confirmed the two of them are quite busy, saying,  “We haven’t had time to sit down.”

And, after a trip to New York City, where she and her RHODubai castmates recently filmed their first reunion, Caroline and Sergio are headed for even more travel.

“We’re going for 10 days to Indonesia after this, three weeks actually to Bali traveling straight after this trip,” she shared. “We’re building a house, we’ve done IVF, we’ve got married; I think we’ve done all the things you shouldn’t do in a year in a month. So I think mostly the fact that we’re still here and not divorced is probably a testament to us. We’ve got so much exciting stuff planned for our future that it’s a good time.”

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