Lisa Rinna on Real Reason She Waited 7 Months to Have Mom Lois’ Funeral, RHOBH Star Admits She’s Been in an “Odd Place” Since Her Passing and Talks WWHL Appearance

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RHOBH's Lisa Rinna on Real Reason She Waited 7 Months to Have Mom Lois' Funeral, Admits She’s Been in an “Odd Place” Since Her Passing and Talks WWHL Appearance

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Lisa Rinna revealed on Wednesday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live that she recently laid her mother to rest in Oregon. But why did she wait so long?

Before admitting that she was nervous to appear on Andy Cohen‘s late-night talk show, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member explained why she and her family, including husband Harry Hamlin and daughters Amelia Hamlin and Delilah Hamlin, didn’t hold a funeral for Lois Rinna until seven months after her passing.

“I think what really has helped me is we just got to lay my mother to rest last week,” Lisa shared on the August 3 episode of the WWHL: After Show. “She wanted it [to take place at that time].”

According to Lisa, Lois didn’t want her funeral to be held in the winter months because it’s far too cold.

“In Oregon, it’s very cold in November and December and foggy, and she wanted it in the summer,” Lisa revealed.

But for Lisa, having to wait such a long time to lay her mother to rest was hard on her mental health.

“To wait seven months I think was very difficult on me, and now that we’ve laid her to rest, I feel a lot better. I do,” she confirmed. “We put her with my dad, and it was really beautiful.”

When Andy questioned Lisa about whether or not she spoke at the funeral, the RHOBH star confirmed she did and said her husband and kids did as well.

“We all did. The girls did, Harry did, everyone did. It was so beautiful. I see that there’s such value in that closure. Because imagine… seven months. It’s too long. So I feel really, much much better,” she continued.

Lisa then shared that when it came to returning to the set of WWHL, she had some reservations.

“I’ve been in such a weird place. I have to be honest, just since the beginning, since my mom passed, I’ve been in an odd place. This was very good for me. I’m actually very glad I came and did it. I was a little nervous. I was a little like, ‘Oh God, why am I gonna put myself through this?’ I’m glad I did,” Lisa stated.

Also, on Wednesday’s WWHL, Lisa confessed to feeling regretful about the way she treated former co-star Lisa Vanderpump on the show following the suicide of her brother, Mark Vanderpump.

“Grief is horrible,” she said. “Grief is really tough, and until you’re in those shoes you can’t really understand it so if I could offer even more empathy, I would now, being in my shoes.”

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