Nicki Minaj Blasts RHOBH Star Garcelle Beauvais for Interviewing Attempted Rape Victim of Husband Kenneth Petty: “I See Why That White Man Left You B**ch”

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Nicki Minaj Tells Garcelle Beauvais She Sees Why "That White Man Left You," Slams RHOBH Star as "Disgusting" for Interviewing Husband's Alleged Rape Victim

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Nicki Minaj went on a rant against Garcelle Beauvais and her former co-hosts of The Real on Saturday over a 2021 episode in which the ladies interviewed Jennifer Hough, the woman who accused her husband, Kenneth Petty, of rape, and whom her husband was convicted of attempting to rape back in 1995.

During the September 10 episode of Nicki’s AMP Radio show, Tea Party, the rapper slammed the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and her co-hosts, including Loni Love, Jeannie Mai, and Adrienne Houghton, for inviting Jennifer to their show for “ratings” before poking fun at their show’s cancellation, which came soon after and targeting Garcelle’s personal life.

“The next thing that happened to them, they were canceled,” Nicki noted, as heard in a clip shared by The Real Housewives Zone on Instagram on September 11. “And now this lady is on one of the Real Housewives talking about ‘Leave my son alone. Don’t leave comments under my son’s page.’”

As RHOBH fans have surely seen, Garcelle’s 14-year-old son Jax Nilon, the same one who Erika Jayne told to “get the f-ck out” of Garcelle’s birthday party, was targeted with “harmful” and racist rhetoric weeks ago, allegedly by bots who didn’t appreciate the way Garcelle was treating certain members of the cast, including Erika, who she suggested had a drinking problem.

And while a number of Garcelle’s castmates and women from other Real Housewives franchises have taken a stand against the attacks, shaming those behind the bots (with Diana Jenkins even filing a lawsuit hoping to uncover their identities), Nicki doesn’t feel like Garcelle has a leg to stand on after welcoming Jennifer to The Real to discuss the father of her own son.

“B-tch, if you can’t feel to stand the motherf-cking heat get out of the f-ck out the kitchen, b-tch! Do you care about my motherf-cking son, b-tch?! Did you care about my motherf-cking son, hoe?!” Nicki yelled.

She then took one final dig at Garcelle, giving a nod to her former husband Mike Nilon‘s past affair, saying, “I see why that white man left you, b-tch. Disgusting!”

Back in 1995, Kenneth, at the age of 16, was convicted of the attempted rape of Jennifer, who was a 16-year-old girl then. He served about 4.5 years in prison.

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