EXCLUSIVE: Insider Defends Diana Jenkins’ $100K Donation to Lion Air Victims, Shares RHOBH Star’s Plans to Get Money to All Victims’ Families After Attorney Questions Gesture

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EXCLUSIVE: Insider Defends Diana Jenkins' $100K Donation to Lion Air Victims, Shares RHOBH Star's Plans to Get Money to All Victims' Family After Attorney Questions Gesture

An insider is speaking out as Diana Jenkins‘ $100,000 donation to the families of victims of the 2018 Lion Air plane crash in Indonesia is once again pulled into question.

On the heels of attorney Ronald Richards suggesting the victims had already been “paid in full,” Jay Edelson, of the Edelson PC law firm that sued Thomas Girardi and Erika Jayne on behalf of the victims, who were reportedly stiffed of millions in settlement funds, has suggested that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member’s generosity could actually be a “publicity stunt.”

However, a look at Diana’s charity website shows the RHOBH star has already raised $102,141.55, as of Thursday, through her Sunela Foundation.

Although Jay told Page Six that Diana has not gotten any information about the victims impacted from his firm specifically, the RHOBH cast member is said to be working with the nonprofit GVNG to get the funds raised for those in need.

“This is not a stunt, it is an act of compassion and generosity by a kind and caring person,” an insider told Reality Blurb in response to the claims. “Diana already donated the $100,000 to a nonprofit that will give it to the 189 victims.”

Diana has also spoken out about the cause herself, saying in one post that she’s “blessed to have the ability to help people who are suffering,” and she shared additional details in a second.

“Hearing about ALL the people who lost their lives on Lion Air Flight 610 weighed heavily on my heart during the filming of RHOBH and caused me to want to do something to support the families of the 189 victims,” Diana wrote. “This has nothing to do with any past or ongoing litigation. It is simply a way for me, Sunela Foundation and our nonprofit partner GVNG to support the victims’ families. All funds raised will be collected, safeguarded and dispersed by GVNG to immediate family members of those who died. Details about how family members can apply for this support from GVNG will be released in the coming months. Learn more about the Lion Air Flight 610 Victims’ Project at SunelaFoundation.org.”

In Jay’s statement, he further explained his position on the matter.

“While Ms. Jenkins may be well-intentioned, we do not believe that issuing a press release and soliciting donations from the public without having done the necessary legwork is an appropriate way to proceed,” he told Page Six. “That being said, we hope that this is not a publicity stunt and will reserve judgment until we hear directly from her.”

According to Jay, his firm turned over at least $2 million to five families impacted by Thomas’ legal scheme in August and aims to “get additional damages” for other Lion Air clients of Girardi Keese. And as Diana’s rep confirmed, she “feels badly for the families of all 189 people,” and she hopes to provide support to them in the meantime.

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