Kyle Richards Shares What Wasn’t Shown During Dorit Fight on RHOBH, Calls Kemo Sabe Snub a “Slap in the Face” and Explains Being “Extremely Emotional” as Dorit Speaks Out

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RHOBH's Kyle Richards on Why Dorit's Kemo Sabe Snub Was a "Slap in the Face" and Being "Extremely Emotional" as Dorit Admits She Didn't Expect So Much "Anger"

Kyle Richards wasn’t happy that Dorit Kemsley skipped her Kemo Sabe shopping event — to say the least, as she also dishes on what wasn’t shown during her fight with Dorit on the recent RHOBH episode.

After the ladies were seen engaging in a full-blown screaming match at Kyle’s home in Aspen, where some of the ladies were staying, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member looked back on their messy moment, with Kyle explaining why she became “extremely emotional” when Dorit chose to stay with an upset Erika Jayne, rather than join her at the store.

“I did not want to talk to Dorit. Dorit and I are very close, and I had been talking about how I wanted to buy her kids, like little cowboy boots. I was so excited. The fact that she didn’t show up because she was with [Diana Jenkins] and Erika really didn’t sit well with me,” Kyle recalled on the September 14 episode of the RHOBH: After Show.

According to Kyle, she actually got the RHOBH crew involved amid the feud.

“When she showed up at my house, I actually told the crew, ‘I don’t want to see her. Don’t let her in my house.’ It was that bad,” shared Kyle.

But, as fans saw, Dorit ultimately made her way into Kyle’s, where the two of them butted heads over her decision to forgo the shopping event.

“She basically fought her way in and came into my house, and I was so upset, and she was so upset,” Kyle explained.

Because Dorit was so taken aback by how upset Kyle was, she made a point to get to Kyle’s before dinner, even though she knew Kyle didn’t want her there.

“I said, ’There’s no two ways about it. I’m showing up. This relationship means a lot to me,’” Dorit shared. “[Kyle] knew that I was excited about this. I wanted to explain to her that, ‘I love you. This was not about you. This was not about choosing someone other than you. This was about being with someone who was in a lot of pain.’”

According to Dorit, Kyle didn’t realize how upset Erika was about the encounter she had with their co-stars the previous evening. So, she felt that if she simply explained that to her, they’d be able to get to a reasonable place.

“I didn’t expect to be met with as much anger,” Dorit noted.

And Kyle admitted, “I was extremely emotional.”

“It was just complete and utter chaos between the two of us,” Kyle recalled. “I think I was just so emotional too about the fact that Erika had packed up and left my house. I had expected more out of her, to be honest, instead of just running from me and having a conversation.”

Kyle also thought it was weird that the ladies were with Diana.

“I just felt like a little bit of a slap in the face,” she stated.

Amid Kyle’s heartache, Dorit did her best to try and convince her castmate and friend that she cares for her and that there was no competition between her and Erika.

“I wasn’t choosing one over the other,” Dorit explained. “It was just a set of circumstances that ensued, and being there for a friend resulted in me not showing up to her event at the hat place. And I felt very, very, very bad about that.”

“Also,” she continued, “you have to understand, I’m also going through my own emotions, and sometimes when you’re in that pain, just having a little bit of support, whether you’re talking, you’re laughing, whatever it is, it means the world to you, and that’s what I felt I was doing and I wanted to do, not in lieu of going to Kyle’s event, it just happened that way. But it was very important for me to go to Kyle’s house to make sure she understood that, and that’s what I did.”

Reflecting on the drama that took place between them, Kyle said that because she and Dorit care so much about one another, there was a lot of emotion involved.

“I appreciated that she cared enough about me to come and push her way into my house even though I didn’t want her in my house and say, ‘I’m not taking no for an answer. You’re too important to me.’ And she apologized, and then we make up and that’s what we do,” Kyle stated.

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