Craig Conover Addresses Bad Behavior on Winter House, Luke’s Claim of Leaking Story, Paige Crying, Trading Hard Liquor for THC, and Lindsay Grabbing Austen

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Craig Conover Addresses Bad Behavior on Winter House, Reacts to Luke’s Claim of Leaking Story to Press, Plus Talks Paige Crying, Trading Hard Liquor for THC and Lindsay Grabbing Austen's Crotch

Craig Conover was questioned about his bad behavior on Winter House during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live on Thursday.

Before reacting to girlfriend Paige DeSorbo crying and admitting to being overwhelmed by his antics, revealing he’s changed his drinking habits, and confirming Lindsay Hubbard did, in fact, grab Austen Kroll‘s crotch at Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke‘s wedding, the Southern Charm cast member admitted to coming in “hot.”

“I came in a little hot but we did have a lot of fun, which is why they didn’t forcefully kick me out of the house and we’re all still friends. But I came in a little hot,” Craig told host Andy Cohen on the November 17 episode of WWHL.

Craig actually came in real hot, leading Paige to break down and prompt a change.

“I think that’s why I finally made a decision to change my behavior. Because I felt horrible,” Craig explained.

During an episode of WWHL earlier this month, Luke Gulbranson implied that Craig leaked his drama with Jessica Stocker to Deux Moi. But when asked about the topic, Craig denied any such thing, saying it was actually “a crew member” from the show.

“I was bummed to hear that because he knows it wasn’t me,” Craig stated. “I was all for him coming back to the house because I didn’t have a problem with Luke, I had a problem with what he did. So yeah, it hurt my feelings.”

Because Craig was so rowdy at times, throughout filming on Winter House, his relationship with Paige was put to the test. And on a number of occasions, she shared her honest thoughts on his antics in confessionals. But when Andy asked if any of her comments surprised him, Craig admitted that he does his best to avoid watching certain parts of the show.

“I know that I messed up,” he confessed. “This season of Winter House — what happened in February — is something that changed the course of my life because I don’t want to be that person anymore. Like, I hate that person and so I knew that I was going to have to face this. [But] I’ve changed for the better.“

Fellow WWHL guest Kory Keefer backed up Craig’s claims, saying he has “100 percent” changed since filming season two because “he doesn’t drink hard liquor.”

“I think you’ll see that on the second half of the season. Sometimes it takes a check, like your girl or significant other, to put you in place,” Kory explained.

“As soon as Paige told me that my behavior was affecting her, I was like, ‘Sh-t.’ So I found some Delta 8 gummies and I was like, ‘I’mma eat these instead of drinking hard liquor,'” Craig shared of the THC-laced snacks.

Craig then confirmed that Austen told him what happened the night of Amanda and Kyle’s wedding and said it was “true” that Lindsay grabbed Austen’s crotch.

Also, on WWHL, Craig reacted to Paige’s handling of the Jessica and Luke situation, saying Paige “stuck up for [Jessica] really well” after Luke got a bit too handsy with the two of them.

“That’s what hurt Paige’s feelings. She really stood by Jess’ side when she was in our room crying when they were trying to remove him from the house. I think she was hurt because of that,” he stated.

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