Jeff Lewis Shares Update With Shannon Beador After Saying John Romance Won’t Last, Talks Status With Jenni, and Need For “Background Checks” on Real Housewives

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Jeff Lewis on Status With Shannon After Saying John Janssen Romance Won’t Last, Talks Reconciliation With Jenni Before Suggesting She “Screwed [Him] Over”

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Jeff Lewis appeared on Watch What Happens Live on Wednesday night, where he offered an update on his relationship with Shannon Beador.

After suggesting the Real Housewives of Orange County cast member’s romance with boyfriend John Janssen won’t last on an episode of the late-night talk show in July, after which Shannon sent him a series of “angry texts,” Jeff revealed if they’re still friends, spoke of his strained relationship with former Flipping Out co-star Jenni Pulos, and offered some Real Housewives casting advice to Andy Cohen.

“[Shannon]’s forgiven me. She realizes it was my stuff. It had nothing to do with John and Shannon and she has forgiven me and so has John,” Jeff confirmed on the December 7 episode of WWHL.

As for his relationship with Jenni, Jeff agreed that he and Jenni will one day reconcile while playing a game of “Agree or Disagree” with fellow guest Bethenny Frankel.

“I hope so,” he stated.

Then, at another moment of the show, during which he was asked to say the first word that came to mind upon hearing the name of a Bravolebrity, Jeff described Jenni as an “ex-friend.”

During the same game, he said Jill Zarin was “fun” and “great,” and Patti Stanger was “very generous.”

“I like Patti. I have no problems with Patti,” he continued as suspicions about the Q&A arose.

“I feel like this is a setup. You set me up when you do this stuff and I get myself in trouble,” he told Andy.

Also on WWHL, Jeff offered some casting advice to Andy.

“My suggestion to you is after all of these years of doing this, you still don’t do any background checks on some of these Housewives. Like it’s information that we find out later,” he explained.

“[But] that’s what makes the world go ‘round on that situation,” Bethenny reasoned, suggesting the legal issues plaguing certain cast members were good for the franchise.

Still, Jeff felt that a vetting process would be beneficial, explaining that he never dealt with such legal drama on his own show.

“My show was very different. I never had to worry about anything like that. I trusted the people that worked with me and no one ever screwed me over,” he stated, before shadily adding, “except for Jenni.”

“Well,” Andy replied, “she would probably say you screwed her over.”